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Gilat awarded $17 million by Pronatel for expansion of regional telecommunications project in Peru

Gilat Satellite Networks announced that the company was awarded a $17 million contract by Pronatel for the expansion of a regional telecommunications project in Peru.

Through this new activity, Pronatel (Programa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones) is expanding the original 2018 agreement with Gilat. In coordination with the Amazonas regional government, Pronatel is expanding the project to include connectivity to 35 new localities and dozens of new public institutions, including schools and health posts, within the Amazonas region of the country. Additionally, Gilat will implement several free Wi-Fi hotspots and a community tele-center that includes computers, printers, and internet services for a period of 10 years.

“Through this expansion to the Broadband Project for the Amazonas region, 37 additional schools and 6 additional health posts will now have internet access to promote telehealth, tele-education, and the utilization of technological tools among the citizens,” said Sarita Vílchez Castellanos, executive director of the Pronatel National Telecommunications Program. “Citizens will also benefit from a new digital access center and additional public squares with free Wi-Fi, further promoting inclusion and digital literacy among citizens in rural areas.”

“Now that the necessary infrastructure for the Amazonas region is nearly competed, this expansion with Pronatel will serve the people of the region well as we move into the operational phase of the project in earnest,” said Arieh Rohrstock, General Manager Gilat Peru and Gilat’s Corporate SVP. “Working together with Pronatel and the regional government, we’re proud to provide people more access to resources and information, bridging the digital divide and fulfilling the right of all people to be connected.”

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