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Hello Space, world's 3rd pocketqube satellite start-up, offers IoT through 5cm³ satellites

Hello Space – Turkey's first and the world's third pocketqube satellite constellation tech start-up – is set out to become one of the eye-catching technology start-ups born in Turkey, offering worldwide data IoT service, with pocketqube constellation to be sent into space. Pocketqube satellites are world's renowned smallest satellite standard, in 5cm x 5cm x 5cm size, providing large coverage from space through narrowband data communication. 'Istanbul', Hello Space's first test pocketqube satellite, is getting ready to take its place in space with SpaceX's Falcon9 rocket in February 2023.

At only 5 cm³, these tiniest and groundbreaking innovative satellites will cover the whole world

Hello Space will cover all over the world with its 5cm³ ‘Istanbul’ pocketqube test satellite. Pocketqube satellites provide worldwide uninterrupted and powerful data service at low cost; such as tracing the motion of cargo containers, remote monitoring of several variables as temperature, humidity levels of industrial equipment and tracking agricultural output to secure efficient supply chain management. Pocketqube satellite technology transfers remote sensor data in maritime, agriculture, logistics, energy, environment and climate related businesses at a much lower cost with newest technology.

Both hardware and software technologies of pocketqube ‘Istanbul’ to be produced in Turkey

“I served as Team Leader in the Grizu-263A project – Turkey's first pocketqube satellite. I am proud to elevate my experience with Hello Space, working on newest technologies aiming to become a global data service company” said Hello Space Co-Founder and CEO Muzaffer Duysal.

“Hello Space boosts our ambition to put Turkey among world's pioneers in the pocketqube satellite field, which is practically new to everyone. We are accumulating huge know-how by producing both hardware and software in Turkey”, added Hello Space Co-Founder Zafer Şen. He is also the founding partner of OBSS Technology.

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