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Hughes awarded production contract by GA-ASI to connect Gray Eagle UAS with next gen satellite communications

Hughes awarded production contract by GA-ASI to connect Gray Eagle UAS with next gen satellite communications

Hughes Network Systems has announced it has been awarded a production contract from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) to produce a key component of the next-generation satellite communications (SATCOM) system for the MQ-1C Gray Eagle 25M Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Under the contract, Hughes will provide advanced, ruggedized HM400 modems, named the HM400T, that integrate with the DoD’s standard waveform technology and transmission security (TRANSEC) features to enable significantly increased endurance and resilience for Gray Eagle 25M’s wide range of Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance (AISR) mission requirements, particularly for operations in contested environments.


“Hughes looks forward to supporting GA-ASI with a secure and cost-effective communications architecture that delivers the speed, flexibility and resiliency necessary to meet the next generation of mission requirements,” said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of the Defense and Government Systems Division at Hughes. “This production contract reinforces the commitment of Hughes to serving GA-ASI and, by extension, the U.S. Army and this program of record, ensuring enhanced communications and ISR capabilities for today’s multi-domain operations.”


Hughes is producing advanced, ruggedized HM400T modems, that integrate with the DoD’s standard Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modulation (EBEM) waveform technology and TRANSEC features. This advanced, customized software-defined commercial technology is based on the HM400 modem that is operating on the GA-ASI MQ-9B UAS. The HM400T incorporates a ruggedized container for high altitude applications, meets low size, weight and power (SWAP) requirements, and supports government approved waveforms to ensure resilient ISR transmissions for the U.S. Army’s next-generation Gray Eagle 25M, MQ-1C, UAS and its long-endurance missions. This next-generation UAS will support the U.S. Army and the U.S. Army National Guard to meet the demands of future unmanned and manned teaming operations and help fill the growing Reconaissance, Surveillance, Targeting and Attack (RSTA) gap. After completing the development phase, GA-ASI awarded Hughes the initial production units; Hughes will start delivering these communications systems in the Spring. This highly advanced UAS platform supports worldwide ISR missions.


To learn more about how Hughes delivers secure communications, anytime, anywhere, please visit the Hughes website.


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