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HyImpulse unveils Mission Patch

HyImpulse unveils Mission Patch

HyImpulse has unveiled the symbolic mission patch and resounding mission statement for its inaugural launch – the first private German rocket launch. Inspired by Alan Shepard ´s iconic words, the phrase "Light this candle" encapsulates the passionate anticipation and exhilaration surrounding this historic moment.

The mission patch features the SR75 rocket majestically ascending beneath the twinkling Southern Cross constellation, against the backdrop of the Australian sky. Symbolizing unity and collaboration, the flags of Germany, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Australia orbit the design, representing the international support and cooperation fueling this endeavor.

Currently, the rocket SR75 from HyImpulse and its ground support equipment are well on the way close to the coast of Australia with the final destination for the cargo harbor in Adelaide. The equipment and also the HyImpulse launch team are well on time for the launch window that will open end of April. The launch team will arrive mid-April at the Koonibba test range which is operated by Southern Launch.

Fully assembled rocket SR75 in the workshop at the HyImpulse headquarters
Fully assembled rocket SR75 in the workshop at the HyImpulse headquarters

About rocket SR75

HyImpulse's SR75, a revolutionary single-stage rocket powered by a groundbreaking hybrid rocket engine, will take flight. This innovative technology utilizes paraffin wax, a safe and readily available fuel, aiming to make access to space more cost-effective and sustainable. The foundation for this flight includes the motor test campaigns that we did at our test site on the Shetland Islands.

With this technology and this flexibility, HyImpulse plans to launch 4 SR75 rockets from various launch sites by mid 2025.

About HyImpulse

HyImpulse is a launch services provider based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Founded with the goal to revolutionize access to space, HyImpulse’s orbital Small Launcher, SL1, is powered by a unique and proprietary hybrid propulsion system. This disruptive technology enables HyImpulse to offer affordable, frequent, responsive, and safe access to space for small satellites and spacecrafts. SL1 has a payload capacity of 600 kg to low earth orbit.

SR75 is a single-stage rocket powered by the disruptive HyImpulse rocket engine technology using a solid paraffin fuel and liquid oxygen. It carries payloads up to 250 kg and to fly up to an altitude of 300 km. It is designed to launch microgravity experiments, to be used as a versatile rocket booster and it serves as the technology demonstrator for HyImpulse’s orbital launch vehicle, SL1. This SR75 maiden launch is set to flight-qualify the innovative hybrid propulsion technology, a cornerstone in the development of SL1.

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