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Impulse Space announces LEO Express-2 and LEO Express-3 missions

Impulse Space announced its LEO Express-2 and LEO Express-3 missions. These two missions will perform in-space services, including payload hosting, last-mile orbital delivery, constellation deployment, low altitude maneuvers and controlled atmospheric re-entry. They will be utilizing the same Mira vehicle in the previously announced LEO Express-1 mission.

Mira has unparalleled maneuverability for orbital transfers in LEO (Low Earth Orbit), enabling customers to reach any altitude, rapidly phase constellations, shift equatorial crossing times and adjust orbital inclination. It has payload capacity for up to 300 kg and can accommodate a combination of cubesats, smallsats, and hosted payloads. Mira uses in-house developed Saiph thrusters to provide rapid maneuvering capability for reaching custom orbits in LEO.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the LEO Express-2 and 3 missions to follow LEO Express-1 set to launch no earlier than November 2023,” says Impulse Space Founder and CEO Tom Mueller. “Our team is dedicated to continually support the growing space economy through rapid, reliable and consistent services.”

Similar to LEO Express-1, the second and third LEO Express missions will launch with SpaceX on their Transporter rideshare missions. Impulse has purchased slots on the SpaceX Transporter-11 and Tranporter-12 missions, which are currently set to launch no earlier than June 2024 and October 2024.

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