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INTEGRASYS joins the Mobile Satellite Users Association

INTEGRASYS has joined the Mobile Satellite Users Association community, a non-profit association dedicated to promoting satellite innovations globally. For 30 years MSUA has been representing the interests of mobile satellite service providers and users universally.

INTEGRASYS provides systems and software as a service to more and more Mobility companies around the World, these companies have their own set of needs and challenges; and we focus on solving these challenges with solutions to the Mobile Satellite industry. “We see a great partnership between INTEGRASYS and MSUA by innovating more and more on solving MSUA member’s challenges more rapidly than ever been before,” says Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, INTEGRASYS. Clean RF is one of the technologies which is solving MSUA member challenges by cancelling and removing interferences from Jamming sources, unwanted interferences as well as terrestrial 5G over C band; for GSO and NGSO links.

The operations of aeronautical, maritime, governments and enterprise businesses have been transformed due to mobile satellite communications. The MSUA promotes the exchange of information and ideas among mobile satellite users and providers with a focus on communications, navigation, and safety.

Collaborating with MSUA allows us to be part of this large mobile satellite community and to represent its interests. On the other hand, it will allow us to improve our corporate relations thanks to the worldwide presence of this association, which carries out, among others, the sponsorship of important events, such as the Mobile Satellite Innovation Awards, which showcases the main mobile advances tested in the market.

This association, which promotes satellite innovation on a global level, is fully aligned with our main objective, “Building success from innovation”. For this reason, from INTEGRASYS we will be working on developing innovative products and helping partners, for the relationship to last over time.


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