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Intellian completes parabolic terminal portfolio development for Eutelsat OneWeb

Intellian Technologies and Eutelsat OneWeb announce the launch of OW130L for Eutelsat OneWeb customers.

The OW130L will offer a robust, reliable service on Eutelsat OneWeb’s network while also being very tolerant to rain fade and ensuring delivery on the highest Service Level Agreements (SLA). The dual parabolic terminal is particularly suitable for customers requiring high-capacity connectivity, such as those operating critical national infrastructure.

The announcement is the culmination of a rigorous development process to launch a suite of six parabolic terminals to meet customer demands across Land and Maritime markets. The OW130L joins the Enterprise portfolio which includes the variants of the dual OW70L and the single fast retrace OW50SL, as well as the OW70M and OW50M in the Maritime portfolio.

Speaking on this announcement Eric Sung, CEO at Intellian Technologies, said: “The completion of the OW Series of parabolic terminals is a fantastic milestone. We’ve developed these exceptional Enterprise and Maritime user terminals in close collaboration with the teams at Eutelsat Group, to deliver the highest bandwidth solutions, empowering connectivity of their Maximum Information Rates and Committed Information Rates. In a world increasingly interested in our flat panels for their sleek form factor, parabolic solutions are just as critical as ever and at times better address customer needs. Simply down to the laws of physics, mechanically steered antennas" can out-perform flat panels on G/T and EIRP, plus they benefit from impressive throughput over scan. Through the OW Series and Eutelsat Group’s LEO network, customers worldwide gain access to highly resilient, high-capacity, and high-performance capabilities, perfectly tailored to meet their operational requirements.”

Massimiliano Ladovaz, Chief Operations Officer at Eutelsat Group, said, "Intellian’s user terminals play a vital role in our network infrastructure, facilitating a variety of fixed and mobility services for our partners. The addition of the OW130L is offering our customers yet another robust, reliable user terminal that will harness the best of our network for their connectivity needs. Intellian continues to be a fantastic partner and we look forward to further collaboration with the team.”

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