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KenCast to feature next-gen content delivery solution for cutting multicasting costs at CabSat 2023

KenCast, developer of next-generation digital content delivery solutions, today announced it showcase its benchmark KenCast FazztTM software at CabSat 2023, May 16th-18th in Dubai. The technology company will demonstrate how its patented, new-generation, AL-FEC innovations can save a wide variety of organizations distributing content in the MEASA region millions of dollars in bandwidth fees. KenCast’s patented software already ensures streamlined delivery for a bouquet of high-profile customers including the US military, Hollywood studios, and blue-chip companies.

Demonstrations of the KenCast FazztTM content delivery solution will be available throughout the expo, Stand No-S2-E41, Dubai World Trade Centre. KenCast will share a stand with partner Forsway at CabSat.

“KenCast is excited to return to CABSAT in Dubai where we will share a stand with our partner Forsway, says Henrik Axelsson, President at KenCast. During the exp, our team will demonstrate the content delivery solutions that our long-standing marquee customers -- the US military, Hollywood, network operators, major global corporations -– rely upon to flawlessly deliver their mission critical data. We will show how the extraordinary efficiency of our patented solutions provides massive savings in multicasting fees for our customers and set us apart from competitor solutions.”

“We will also be available to highlight how we have integrated our multicast solution with Forsway’s satellite broadband technology and hardware to provide a cost-savvy solution for underserved segments with poor connectivity, continues Axelsson. Sweden-based Forsway is a provider of innovative, low-cost solutions and satellite terminals for enabling broadband connectivity in regions with little or no access to internet services.

“Our regional reseller, CMT TECHNOLOGIES, will be at CABSAT and working together with the KenCast team. CMT is targeting a variety of market segments on our behalf, including Satellite operators, media broadcasters and telecom operators. “

KenCast offers cost-saving and total control of digital assets

KenCast software is developed to ensure customers have total control over the secure movement of their digital assets for assured data delivery – anywhere and always. Not all FEC (forward error correction) software is the same, Digital communications channels are prone to errors. The better the error correcting algorithm, the higher the efficiency and greater the reliability of delivery, the faster the speed for complete transmission and the larger the cost savings on retransmissions

KenCast Fazzt® Patented Digital Delivery System.

The Fazzt® Digital Delivery System securely delivers content over satellite and terrestrial networks to authorized computers at up to thousands of sites. Fazzt reliably delivers streams and large files of multimedia content at speeds in the Gbps-per-channel range, using advanced error correction, compression, and validation.

FazztTM Highlights:

  • Assuring flawless data delivery to blue-chip organizations any place, every time for over 25 years

  • More efficient, reliable, faster, and cost-effective than others

  • Across Satellite, Cellular, Fiber, Television networks to fixed and moving vehicles

  • Large files and live streams delivered seamlessly, the first time

  • Offering software and hardware options

  • FazztTM software is a Swiss army knife providing every imaginable feature for successful content delivery.

  • Encryption, bonding, multiplexing, terrestrial acceleration, queuing, scheduling, etc.

  • Opportunistic Bandwidth Insertion: Fazzt continuously probes for available bandwidth to send content out without affecting other network traffic.

  • Configurable Multiprocessing & Redundancy

Serving many industries:

  • Digital Cinema: Our solutions multicast feature films to over 5,000 theaters in over 17 countries. And our innovations seamlessly stream live events -music concerts, sporting matches, etc.- over satellite and terrestrial networks.

  • Defense: Deployed globally with the US military and other defence networks in thousands of fixed and mobile sites as well as in police forces, public safety organizations and global NGOs, Fazzt enables mission critical communications.

  • Mobility: Ships, Planes and Cars - KenCast’s newest Smart FEC expertly delivers to vehicles in and of out of coverage, on land, at sea and in the sky, via satellite, cellular and television networks. Passengers and crew can enjoy news, sports, and content.

  • And much more: Retail, educational institutions, media news networks, corporate communications, financial institutions, oil & gas, etc.

Demonstrations of KenCast’s cost-saving digital delivery system will be featured during CabSat at Stand No-S2-E41, Dubai World Trade Centre.


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