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KRYTAR announces new coaxial termination operating from DC to 67GHz

KRYTAR, Inc., a leader in the design and production of ultra-broadband microwave components and test equipment announces a new Coaxial Termination operating from DC to 67GHz. Coaxial terminations are useful when terminating unused ports, on isolated ports of hybrids and combiners, and to protect devices from signal reflections.

KRYTAR coaxial terminators are designed for radio, antenna and many types of RF components for use in production, laboratory test and measurement, applications within the satellite communications, 5G wireless communications within commercial, defense and aerospace industries.

Model T5MV is a extremely rugged, 50 Ohm device that operates in the ultra-broadband microwave frequency from DC to 67 GHz. Maximum VSWR is 1.2:1; DC-40 GHz and 1.43:1; 40-67 GHz. Maximum Power is 0.5 Watts, Impedance is 50 ±1 Ohm, Operating Temperature Range is -85°C to +125°C. The dimensions are 0.82 inches in length and 0.36 inches in diameter and the connector is 1.85mm Male.


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