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Major contract signed for laser rangefinders for defence applications

The LUMIBIRD Group (FR0000038242 - LBIRD), a European leader in laser technologies, announces the signature of a major contract to supply laser rangefinders for airborne defence applications.

The contract, worth around €20 million and adding to Lumibird's existing business in laser rangefinders, covers the supply of more than 100 laser rangefinders over a three-year period, starting in the third quarter of 2024, as well as funding to ramp up the production line.

This major success in the defence sector gives Lumibird's laser rangefinder business visibility over several years. It also illustrates the technological excellence of the Lumibird Group's products, particularly for critical airborne applications. This contract confirms the growing potential of laser technologies in the defence sector, in which the Group has invested significantly in recent years at its sites in Lannion, Villejust (France) and Göteborg (Sweden), and for which it expects significant growth in the coming years.

The laser technologies offered by the Lumibird Group are now deployed and used all over the world by numerous forces, for airborne, naval and land-based applications, as well as for simulation activities.

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