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Minister Marcos Pontes launches Weather Radar RMT 0200 in São José dos Campos, Brazil

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Astronaut Marcos Pontes, launched on Thursday (July 1st) the Weather Radar RMT 0200, manufactured by IACIT, in São José dos Campos City, Brazil. The radar was deployed in partnership with Cemaden (National Center for Monitoring and Alerting of Natural Disasters), a research unit of the MCTI.

“The technology involved in this radar is very high-end and complex. I wish to congratulate IACIT and everyone who worked on the development of this system which will greatly support the weather sector. I hope radars such as this one can be used across all Brazilian states, as well as in neighboring countries, so we can have a better and more capable meteorology network throughout the entire continent,” said Minister Pontes, after getting to know the RMT 0200 system and sites.

RMT 0200 is the first Solid-State Dual Polarization S-Band Weather Radar being built in Brazil. It can detect and monitor the formation of severe meteorological phenomena and will provide Cemaden/MCTI with data on location, intensity, and the time when precipitation may occur.

With the information generated by the radar, Cemaden/MCTI, an institution which celebrated 10 years on Thursday, will be able to issue alerts in greater advance to the Civil Defense – which might adopt measures to prevent and protect life.


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