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Momentus completes vibration testing of vigoride orbital service vehicle

Momentus Inc., a US commercial space company that plans to offer transportation and other in-space infrastructure services, today announced that it has completed vibration testing of its Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle scheduled to launch on the SpaceX Transporter-6 mission in December 2022.

The Momentus team supports vibration testing of the Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle

The vibration testing conducted at Experior Laboratories exposed the Vigoride spacecraft to the forces and environmental factors it may experience during launch.

"Vibration testing is a significant milestone in the ground test campaigns we do in preparation for our missions,” said Momentus Chief Executive Officer John Rood. “This particular vehicle that completed vibration testing is the latest block of our Orbital Service Vehicle and features increased payload capacity and improved payload environments, as well as some other upgrades to implement what we learned from our first demonstration mission.”

The December flight will mark Momentus’ second demonstration mission. The vehicle will carry payloads for customers Caltech and Qosmosys. In addition to deploying customer payloads, Momentus will aim to comprehensively test Vigoride in space, including its water-based propellant propulsion system.

Momentus' plans for additional launches of the Vigoride vehicle remain as stated in the Q1 earnings call on May 10, 2022, with agreements signed with SpaceX for launches on every upcoming Transporter mission through 2023.

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