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New CEO in charge of market-leading satellite connectivity specialist Gatehouse SatCom

Satcom specialist GateHouse SatCom has started off 2022 with a new man in charge. Thomas Scott Jensen is the new CEO of the ambitious software company that aims to play a crucial part in rolling out satellite-based 5G network worldwide – a market with an enormous potential, according to Thomas Scott Jensen.

GateHouse SatCom's Thomas Scott Jensen

The market-leading satcom specialist GateHouse SatCom has welcomed Thomas Scott Jensen as the new CEO. 49-year-old Thomas Scott Jensen has been part of GateHouse Group for 17 years and most recently comes from a position as COO and Vice President in GateHouse SatCom. Now he joins as CEO of the company which specializes in software solutions for satellite communication and IoT waveforms.

"I am truly happy and humbled to get the opportunity to lead GateHouse SatCom into an interesting new chapter. I’ve been part of the group for many years and GateHouse SatCom is facing an exciting future, where we believe that our solutions will play a big part in a market with an enormous potential," says Thomas Scott Jensen.

Aims to expand space-based 5G connectivity to more than 500 million devices

In his new position, Thomas Scott will be responsible for strengthening GateHouse SatCom’s core business. More specifically, he will lead the company’s development of software solutions for future space-based 5G Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) network. It is with this satellite technology, combined with mobile 5G technology, that consumers and businesses will have seamless network access in the future – wherever they are located on the planet.

"With about only 10 percent of Earth's surface covered by terrestrial network, the overall aim for GateHouse SatCom is to be the leading supplier of software for 5G IoT network in space. We have a clear ambition of taking a leading position in the development of new standards and technologies, because we experience how the request for uninterrupted M2M communication outside mobile coverage is growing fast," says Thomas Scott Jensen.

"Soon, 5G satellite-based NB-IoT will be completely based on standards and a built-in feature in standard IoT chipsets and modules. This will mean that NB-IoT can be used across service operators both terrestrial Mobile Network Operators as Non-Terrestiral Satelllite Network Operators, and with the satellite systems the device will not be locked in with just one operator, just as we have seen it from the cellular technology. Given how many smartphones and mobile modules there are in the world today, it's a huge market we're looking into. In 2030, we expect more than 500 million 5G Narrow Band IoT space-enabled devices in service," he says.

Leading market players have already put faith in GateHouse SatCom’s software

GateHouse SatCom’s 5G NTN focus is based on more than 20 years of experience with supplying a leading satellite provider of IoT services, Inmarsat, with advanced SW protocols and test equipment. Other crucial market players, such as satellite and telecommunications tech companies Sateliot, Thales, and Honeywell, have also invested in satellite and terminal software developed by GateHouse SatCom.

In 2019 and 2021, GateHouse SatCom received funding from the European Space Agency and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. The funds have been an important part of developing the standard software for enabling Narrow Band IoT network-based systems via space, which GateHouse SatCom has been fully engaged with.

"Today, we are at the forefront of developing the so-called 3GPP 5G NB-IoT NTN satellite standards, which will be part of the future 5G technology delivered via Space. By participating in the standardization process, it is our ambition to play a crucial part in unleashing the enormous potential of the market within just a few years, says Thomas Scott Jensen lastly."

Thomas Scott Jensen officially started in his new role on January 1. Now former CEO, Ulrik Rasmussen, continues as CCO for the parent company GateHouse Group, which in addition to GateHouse SatCom consists of the subsidiaries GateHouse Maritime and GateHouse Igniter.

Thomas Scott Jensen – curriculum vitae:

  • 2022: CEO, GateHouse SatCom

  • ­2019-2022: Senior VP and COO, GateHouse SatCom

  • ­2014-2019: Director of Satcom, GateHouse SatCom

  • ­2011-2014: Sales Director, GateHouse SatCom

  • ­2009-2011: Sales Manager / Commercial Program Manager, GateHouse

  • ­2007-2009: Business Development Manager, GateHouse

  • ­2004-2007: Project Manager, GateHouse


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