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New FB500 FleetBroadband terminal from Intellian enables optimal Inmarsat Fleet Xpress solution

Intellian Technologies has announced the development of the new FB500 terminal, designed for Inmarsat’s market leading Fleet Xpress (FX) solutions which combines Ka-band with ELERA L-band FleetBroadband (FB) service.

Available this year, the FB500 terminal from Intellian is the most recent product created in the company's brand-new L-Band Center of Excellence in London, United Kingdom. Joining the popular Fleet One and FB250, it is a multifunctional terminal that may be used as a primary communications terminal on its own or integrated with Intellian's market-dominating GX60NX and GX100NX terminals to provide the ideal Fleet Xpress solution.

The most cutting-edge and feature-rich Inmarsat L-band terminal on the market, Intellian's FB500 is designed for vessel operations, crew welfare, and safety. In comparison to rival systems utilizing terminal designs that, in many cases, are now several years old, the FB500's class-leading capabilities and future-proofed technology give a significantly more cost-effective long-term investment.

With data connectivity up to 492kbps, the new terminal comes with a WAN port, an all-in-one built-in firewall, analogue and digital voice lines, soft PABX, and support for current and future terrestrial networks including 4G/LTE/5G and more. The FB500 is perfectly suited to take advantage of and deliver optimal results from Inmarsat's springboard for innovation, the ELERA L-band network. Thanks to the L-band stability and dependability, it provides the perfect basis for safety services.

This product has been designed to bring value to customers as a standalone product or as part of Intellian’s cutting-edge product offering for Fleet Xpress available today, being paired with Intellian's extremely popular GXNX line of Ka-band antennas. This makes it the perfect option for new build vessels, addressing the thriving ship building market and offering a flexible, cost-effective solution that is future proof.

“The development of this flagship L-band maritime user terminal is thanks to the great collaboration between Inmarsat and our team in our L-Band Center of Excellence in UK and Korea,” said Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian. “The new FB500 is the latest product to be launched as a result of our long-standing relationship with Inmarsat – it’s our 11th product exclusively designed for their networks. By offering customers across all maritime sectors dependable, affordable, and feature-rich terminals, these new terminals create opportunities for expansion in both existing and new markets.”

“By combining the newest and most innovative FB500 product on the market with the Intellian GX terminals, we can now offer a complete Intellian solution to deliver the best of our Fleet Xpress service. Customers and partners around the world can access our portfolio of connectivity services through our Fleet Edge platform, unlocking the power of edge computing for always-on communications,” said Ben Palmer, President, Inmarsat Maritime. “FleetBroadband is the maritime flagship of our ELERA portfolio of services. The development of Intellian’s new FB500 is a very exciting time, with ELERA enabling the next generation of pioneering L-band technologies to connect and sustain our world.”


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