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Nicolas Furgé joins the Marlink Group to head up new Digital Solutions Business Unit

Marlink, the leading provider of smart network solutions, has announced the appointment of Nicolas Furgé as President of the recently created Digital and IT Solutions business unit. Furgé will focus on leading and scaling-up the activities of two units, IT-Cybersecurity and IoT-Digital, increasing the penetration of digital solutions to Marlink customers across markets including customers in maritime, oil and gas, mining and NGOs.

Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink: “We will help our customers capture the value of digitalisation while managing the risks that go with it.”

The new business unit will play a key role in supporting Marlink customers as they increasingly transition to digital operations, highlighting revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities within a cyber-secure framework.

Growing environmental and cybersecurity requirements as well as the need to collect and process increased volumes of data create a new level of complexity for Marlink customers. The new business unit will focus on increasing the uptake of digital services including delivery of a range of technologies to automate and deliver IT as a managed service, improve efficiency, simplify compliance and provide cyber safety.

Furgé will report directly to Marlink CEO Erik Ceuppens and join the Marlink Group’s Executive Management Committee. He has a project and product management background that includes telecommunications and IT development and has acquired strong international expertise including in Asia and the US.

He managed several business units within Orange Business Services, including the Cybersecurity Business Unit, where he grew annual revenues to €150m. For the last six years, he has been the CEO of Kisio, a company with 700 employees providing consulting, digital and data analytics services in the mobility sector.

“Nicolas has a passion for organizational transformation, developing skills in multi-disciplinary environments and strong interaction with customers and partners that makes him a great fit with Marlink’s growth plans,” said Erik Ceuppens, CEO of the Marlink Group. “The further development of our digital businesses is an essential part of our continuing journey to support our customers’ innovation strategies with an expanded range of services.”

“Digitalisation creates a range of opportunities for shipping, from reducing fuel consumption to increasing vessel efficiency, availability and security; these are the tools we can support our customers to adopt,” said Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink. “We will help our customers capture the value of digitalisation while managing the risks that go with it.”

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