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Nomad Futurist Foundation welcomes Flexential via Nexus level sponsorship

The Nomad Futurist Foundation announced that Flexential has joined the Foundation through a Nexus level sponsorship.

Flexential joins Nomad Futurist on its journey to empower and inspire younger generations through its generous Nexus level of support. The organization focuses on providing the younger generation, and those in transition, with the education and support they need to understand the technologies that power our digital world, opening up opportunities for growth and new career paths.

Sponsorship of the Nomad Futurist Foundation provides the necessary funding to develop and bring educational programming, outreach initiatives, and foster partnerships with educational providers, non-government organizations, and other non-profit organizations to execute the Nomad Futurist’s mission for a sustainable global digital workforce.

"At Flexential, we are committed to more than just the present; we're actively shaping the future of digital infrastructure," stated Chris Downie, CEO of Flexential. "As digital infrastructure becomes increasingly vital in our interconnected world, we recognize the importance of guiding emerging talent. Our industry is rapidly evolving, and through our support of the Nomad Futurist Foundation, we aim to help foster the next generation of industry leaders. We're proud to partner with an organization that mirrors our vision for a dynamic and sustainable global digital workforce."

“We welcome Flexential as a Nexus sponsor of the Nomad Futurist Foundation," says Phillip Koblence, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Nomad Futurist Foundation and Podcast. “The digital infrastructure industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and it is on us to demystify it for the younger generation. Our mission is to create and bring outreach programs and educational initiatives to the younger generation and those in transition. By arming them with the knowledge, we are giving them the opportunity to benefit from this dynamic industry and ensuring a viable future for the booming digital economy.

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