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OneWeb completes TrustComm transaction, creating OneWeb Technologies

OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Texas-based TrustComm Inc., a provider of managed satellite communications and professional services to commercial and governments organizations. OneWeb announced the planned acquisition of TrustComm in May 2021 and received all necessary regulatory approvals enabling the transaction to close.

Following consummation of this transaction, TrustComm will become known as OneWeb Technologies Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of OneWeb.

Under the terms of a Proxy Agreement with the United States Government, OneWeb Technologies will be tasked with providing governments of the 'Five Eyes' alliance (US, UK Canada, Australia, and New Zealand); NATO; the UN and other strategic partners with global, next-generation, satellite connectivity. Led by former TrustComm CEO Bob Roe, OneWeb Technologies will be focused on meeting the complex needs of government customers.

High-throughput, low-latency communications capacity in underserved and denied environments has long been an issue for the military and others, and OneWeb’s network is poised to address those challenges with security at the heart of its end-to-end managed services offerings.

“We look forward to taking our relationship with government customers as a trusted partner and operator of secure, resilient satellite communications to a new level,” said Roe. “By joining OneWeb, OneWeb Technologies is positioned to serve clients, existing and new, who are seeking faster network speeds, lower latency, more compact multi-orbit user terminals and built-in network management tools with security at all levels of the architecture.”

Neil Masterson, CEO of OneWeb said: “Closing this deal represents an incredible opportunity for OneWeb to take the security first, high-performance, low-latency service we will deliver to the enterprise and make it available to meet government users’ needs. We are thrilled to welcome OneWeb Technologies to the family - an organization with a proven track record of serving complex, integrated user requirements of government users. We look forward to making OneWeb’s network available as a vital tool to help advance government priorities.”

Earlier this year OneWeb successfully demonstrated OneWeb’s satellite-based communications system to the US Defense Department with data rates up to 500Mbps at latency levels as low as 32ms. The demonstration also illustrated the seamless handover of connectivity between LEO satellites passing overhead.

OneWeb is on track to deliver coverage above the 50th parallel North later this year – reaching areas that have historically been hard to connect with spread out communities and challenging terrain. This includes Alaska, Canada, and the wider Arctic Region. OneWeb will deliver global coverage by the end of 2022.


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