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Orbit Fab selects Impulse Space to support GEO refueling mission

In-Space Logistics Services Leader and the Developer of the RAFTI™ Refueling Port Announce Collaboration in Mid-2025 Exhibition

Impulse Space announced a landmark hydrazine refueling demonstration mission in geostationary equatorial orbit (GEO), where its Mira orbital service vehicle will serve as a hosting platform for the Orbit Fab fuel depot set to replenish Space Force Satellites in 2025.

“We are eager to collaborate with Orbit Fab, a forerunner in commercial spacecraft refueling services,” said Impulse Space Chief Operating Officer Barry Matsumori. “This demonstration will pave the way for future commercial orbital refueling services, as well as additional collaborative opportunities and missions between Orbit Fab and Impulse Space.”

During the refueling demonstration, the US Space Force Tetra-5 spacecraft will refuel with up to 50kg of hydrazine, using the Orbit Fab fuel depot featuring its RAFTI™ (Rapidly Attachable Fuel Transfer Interface) refueling port. Impulse Space will provide hosting services such as power, communications, attitude control and propulsion for the fuel depot.

“This collaboration with Impulse Space brings us one step closer to a robust in-space economy supported by a network of fuel depots and fuel shuttles in geosynchronous orbit,” said Adam Harris, Orbit Fab’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Establishing a future where companies know in advance the availability and price of fuel will permit them to build their satellites without having to exchange operational capabilities for longer lifetimes, enabling new business models never before thought possible.”

The Orbit Fab refueling demonstration mission will launch in mid-2025 and will deliver fuel to the US Space Force under a contract with the DIU (Defense Innovation Unit).


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