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Orbit Fab spearheads in-space refuelling with UK Space Agency support

Orbit Fab announced a groundbreaking partnership with the UK Space Agency to develop the GRASP (Grasping and Resupply Active Solution for Propellants) active refuelling interface in the UK. Orbit Fab’s GRASP interface solution ensures a secure link between spacecraft during the docking and refuelling stages.

The strategic collaboration is geared towards developing the essential building blocks for in-space refuelling, a game-changing approach that promises to redefine how space missions are conducted.

Building on its established success in the UK, Orbit Fab's innovative low-cost and efficient refuelling architecture will be pivotal in enhancing space sustainability, focusing on extending the mission life of existing national programme missions, notably UK ADR. The technologies in development will not only bolster the capabilities of present missions but also mark a significant step towards cleaner space operations.

"Spacecraft sustainability has always been one of the grand challenges in the space industry. With the success of our RAFTI™ refuelling ports, this partnership with the UK Space Agency cements our vision for a sustainable, bustling space economy,” stated Manny Shar, Orbit Fab’s UK Managing Director. “The UK's strength in talent, coupled with its progressive space ecosystem, makes it the perfect location to reshape the frontiers of space servicing technology.”

With invaluable input from esteemed industrial and academic organisations, MDA and City University, this initiative harnesses the collective brilliance and expertise of all entities involved. The combined efforts will undoubtedly set the stage for the UK to rise as a global leader in in-space servicing technology development.

Paul Bate, UK Space Agency CEO, recently commented on Orbit Fab’s potential, saying, “Orbit Fab’s capabilities are instrumental for in-space sustainability and mobility. Their refuelling expertise is world leading, and this collaboration with the UK Space Agency further reinforces the crucial role they are playing in helping to catalyse investment in the UK.”

Orbit Fab's expansion is not limited to technology alone. The company recently doubled its team in the UK, with plans to further boost research, development, and production capabilities to accommodate increasing orders for in-space fuel delivery.

"We're not just envisioning the future; we're actively building it. Our commitment remains unyielding - to fuel every facet of the space economy, making satellites reusable and missions more sustainable. As rockets became reusable over the past decade, Orbit Fab's ambition has been to ensure that satellites follow suit. This partnership with the UK Space Agency is a significant leap in that direction," said Daniel Faber, Orbit Fab Founding CEO.

For the dream of a thriving space economy to become a reality, refuelling infrastructure is paramount. Orbit Fab, with the invaluable support of the UK Space Agency, is confidently charting a path towards this new era in space exploration.

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