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Ovzon receives US$9.8 million order from the Italian Fire and Rescue Service for mobile terminals

Ovzon has secured an order for a total order value of US$9.8 million, for 14-months of SATCOM-as-a-Service for the Italian Fire and Rescue Service. The order includes the entire broadband capacity of one of Ovzon’s powerful steerable satellite beams, 21 Ovzon T6 On-The-Pause terminals and 21 Ovzon On-The-Move terminals. The service will be rolled out gradually, and will start late in Q1, 2022. The service will be managed and supported in co-operation with Ovzon’s Italian partner Gomedia Satcom, using Gomedia’s Teleport and First Line Customer Support in Catania, Italy.

Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service will allow the Italian Fire and Rescue Service (Corpo dei Vigili del Fuoco) to address the increasing need for fast, reliable, and high-performing communications solutions for their important missions. Based on Ovzon’s satellite solution, the Italian Fire and Rescue Service will deploy a secure communications network and solution that can support the high throughput requirements for data and voice communications as well as the need for high-definition video streaming.

“Fires are an increasing threat in Italy, as climate change factors become visible in areas such as the Mediterranean. The complexity and risk to safety and rescue (SaR) and disaster recovery operations (DRO) requires reliable and fast communication and Ovzon’s satellite communication solutions is a perfect solution for this need,” says Gaetano Morena, CEO of Gomedia Satcom.

“Handling effective communication for rescue operations require a high level of situational awareness amongst decision-makers and first responders, especially when different organizations are involved in operations. Being selected as a trusted, reliable, solution provider for the Italian Fire and Rescue Service is a true honor as they are the reference in the industry. We are happy to work alongside our outstanding partner Gomedia Satcom, to deliver a world class solution,” says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.


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