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Qosmosys trusts Spaceryde for the launch of Qace, the first racing game into space

SpaceRyde, the space transportation company building the first interplanetary logistics infrastructure known as the Rocket Network has today announced a customer agreement with Qosmosys to be the official launch partner of Qosmosys’ Qace, the first in-space satellite racing game.

Qosmosys is a private company established in Singapore with the purpose of contributing to the development of infrastructures in space, on the Moon and beyond. Qace is one brand name issued by Qosmosys’ in-house incubator that prepares applied technologies for the company’s Moon applications.

With a first race scheduled by end of 2024, Qace will use disruptive technologies onboard recyclable nanosats to allow game participants to influence the trajectory and speed of the spacecraft.

“What has seduced us with Spaceryde is their ability to innovate and make their dreams come true, pushing the limits of science and technology,” said Francois Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys. “For us, Spaceryde is not only the finest technical option because of their on-demand launch capabilities, but a great business opportunity to combine innovations and excellence in a single service.”

“We’re thrilled to be the official launch partner of Qosmosys’s Qace racing game,” said Sohrab Haghighat, CEO of SpaceRyde. “Not only is Qace a perfect example of the type of lucrative innovations that can come from on-demand launch technology, but also we see potential for many more partnerships with our Rocket Network and Qosmosys as they build towards the moon.”


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