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Rafael to present at Satellite 2022 to unveil its new LiteSat family of Earth observation satellites

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will be showcasing new satellite capabilities at Satellite 2022. This marks the first time Rafael is participating in Satellite 2022 and will be showcasing new technologies and capabilities in the Washington, DC based space exhibition.

Throughout the exhibition Rafael will be displaying the LiteSatTM HR2C (Very High Resolution & High Revisit Constellation) which features unique capabilities in the global space market. The LiteSat HR2C is specifically designed to enable the effective deployment of a large constellation with true high revisit capabilities. With almost UAV-like potential from space, it can complete highly demanding tactical missions that require revisit rates of less than ten minutes.

It is the first end-to-end space Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) platform designed from the ground up to provide military-grade, very high resolution, high revisit, and multi-sensor capabilities. LiteSat HR2C provides 30 cm resolution through an Electro-Optical payload fused with a Synthetic-aperture Radar (SAR) payload (in the same satellite). These unique capabilities function in a highly performance-to-cost effective package that enables deployment of a large constellation in order to achieve unprecedented high persistence tactical mission capabilities.

LiteSat's payloads are based on Rafael's extensively proven, industry-leading electro-optical capabilities which are demonstrated in the world's most widely-used targeting pod, Litening, and the RecceLite reconnaissance pod. Imagery from LiteSat is then accessed, processed, and fused by the multi-mission, multi-management ImiLite Ground Exploitation System; An Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning based Exploitation Center, the ImiLite GES will also be displayed at the exhibition in Washington, D.C.

Rafael is a prominent provider of space components and technologies which are supported by over 40 years of space research, development, and heritage, and has a track record of success in providing key space structures, propulsion and components to more than 100 satellites and launcher programs globally.


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