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Ramon.Space Introduces SW-based digital processor at Satellite Conference & Exhibition 2023

Ramon.Space, a leader in Space-resilient computing infrastructure, will demonstrate its software-based digital processor implemented on the Ramon.Space NuBox computing platform, introducing its communication channelization beamformer at the Satellite Conference & Exhibition 2023 in Washington D.C. between Mar. 13-16. The NuBox multi-service computing platform presents a fully functioning implementation of a SW-based connectivity system that is Space-grade, low SWaP, and high performing.

This is a true realization of a computing platform that can implement a robust connectivity application to deal with data in space. The introduction of the NuBox computing platform with the realization of channelization and beamforming also opens the door for satellite operators and service providers to develop data driven applications in addition to connectivity, allocating space resources on demand that can benefit from real-time analytics. The NuBox platform ushers in a new era of computing in space with its space-hardened data connectivity, processing and storage capabilities.

With a modular design, and a rad-hard multi-service system that can be used in any orbit, the platform transforms satellites into smart, autonomous spacecraft, allowing a fully SW-based system that is upgradeable in orbit.

By using the NuBox computing platform, customers can harness the device to power any application in space, including but not limited to communications and connectivity. This marks a milestone where a Linux-based high-performance computing platform can directly run both traditional “bent-pipe” connectivity applications and state-of-the-art massive-MIMO and regenerative and 5G services, while remaining space-resilient.

“We are thrilled to offer a glimpse into what next-generation space computing will look like. Our computing platform will enable endless possibilities of space applications and further power the future of the space economy,” said Steve Good, CCO of Ramon.Space. “We are proud to showcase our NuBox platform that can channelize bandwidth while processing real-time data. We welcome innovators to develop compelling applications that can be supported by our computing platform.”

Ramon.Space was recently honoured as one of the Top 10 Hottest Companies in Satellite by Via Satellite Magazine chosen for its cutting-edge computing technology and innovative data solutions. The live demonstration at Satellite 2023 is further validation that Ramon.Space is pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to next-generation space connectivity.

Those interested in seeing the Ramon.Space SW-based digital processor and NuBox computing platform are welcome to visit booth #1344 at Satellite 2023 or schedule a meeting at


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