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Rogue Space System delivers their first spacecraft ready for June launch

Rogue Space Systems, an In-Space Services company focused on providing repair, maintenance and space debris removal services with their autonomous robots successfully completed the final testing of their “Barry” (B1B2) spacecraft which includes Rogue’s Scalable Compute Platform, hosted hardware and software payloads, and situational awareness sensors, is now enroute to their partner Exolaunch for integration on the SpaceX Transporter-8 launch in June.

The completion of this testing is the final gate Rogue needed to pass to have their spacecraft launched on the SpaceX rideshare mission in June. The “Barry” spacecraft will test Rogue’s Scalable Compute Platform’s ability to aggregate multiple sensors and process the data in real time. Rogue will also be testing a number of both internal and customer-developed algorithms, as well as customer hardware payloads.

“This is a first step in a cadence of in-space demonstrations of technologies we have developed here at Rogue through the SpaceWERX Orbital Prime Program. The team at Rogue has delivered at an exceptional speed and perseverance to get ‘Barry’ to space in a timeframe of just a few months.” says Jeromy Grimmett, Founder and CEO of Rogue. “Rogue has managed to get multiple technologies staged to reach a space heritage milestone as a result of Phase 1 STTR awards. This clearly shows our team’s ability to deliver extraordinary results to the US Space Force.”

“Barry”, the maiden flight of New Hampshire-based Rogue Space Systems is expected to launch in June 2023 into a sun synchronous orbit in Low Earth Orbit from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California. Mission data will be used to inform and improve their next missions which are tentatively scheduled for 2024. Last year, Rogue was awarded a staggering 12 Phase 1 SBIR and STTR contracts from US Space Force and National Science Foundation. “We are saving at least one surprise demonstration on-orbit from Barry as well as starting our business of hosting payloads with this mission, so stay tuned!” says Brent Abbott.


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