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SES launches SCORE platform

SES launches SCORE platform

Content owners and rights holders looking to effectively manage and distribute live sports and events to affiliates and takers will now be able to leverage a newly launched media platform, the SES Sports Content Orchestration Enabler (SCORE), SES announced today.

SES SCORE’s single user interface provides an easy-to-use centralised platform that connects content owners and rights holders with takers worldwide, allowing for a simplified content booking process for delivery via SES’s hybrid infrastructure of satellite, IP and fibre.

Through the platform, rights holders can easily monetise their content by indicating availability, setting prices for components such as multiple feeds, different audios or metadata so that broadcasters and operators can make informed decisions on content they would like to procure and broadcast to their audience. SES SCORE also ensures content protection with the latest encryption and conditional access protocols.

“SES SCORE can support a variety of workflows, from established rights and agreements requiring regular content distribution to ad-hoc event opportunities and content demands,” said Michele Gosetti, Head of Sales, Sports & Events at SES. “At SES we are committed to empowering our customers with new ways to expand the audience reach and monetisation opportunities. The SES SCORE platform illustrates how our sports and events team is constantly innovating to help rights holders and takers simplify their way of working, and to enable them to connect and share content like never before.”

SES broadcasts over 700 hours of sports and live events every day, from niche sports championships to major broadcast events. The SES SCORE platform reinforces SES’s market leadership in live sports and events and its continued focus on expanding its sports and events capabilities to better serve its customers.


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