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Sidus Space awarded contract to deploy edge computing technology for Exo-Space

Sidus Space recently signed a Satellite Deployment contract with Exo-Space for integration and launch of its artificial intelligence software technology on Earth Observation satellites. Sidus Space will integrate Exo-Space’s payload into its hybrid 3D printed satellite, LizzieSat TM with expected deployment in 2023.

This technology implementation will provide near-real-time intelligence derived from Earth Observation data while onboard the satellite, enabling both commercial, government, and NGO customers to take more effective action in time-sensitive operations. This first launch will be a pilot mission, paving the way for the deployment of additional units on subsequent launches. Planned for these subsequent launches are a broader array of sensor resources, increased computing capacity, and improved communications and networking. With the proper sensor complement, communication systems, cloud environment and adequate presence and placement of satellite constellation resources, this technology can provide persistent monitoring for notification of events anywhere on Earth in less than 60 seconds.

“As a leading provider of Space-as-a-Service solutions, we are excited to be selected as Exo-Space’s deployment partner to provide proof-of-concept for its important technology,” said Carol Craig, Sidus Founder and CEO. “As part of our mission of “Bringing Space Down to Earth’, we seek to enable customers to prove new technologies that will collaboratively advance the space ecosystem and this agreement with Exo-Space is perfectly aligned with our mission.”

"This launch begins the implementation of an intelligence service unlike any currently available. The ability to maintain sub-minute awareness of activity anywhere on Earth or in space will revolutionize both commercial and government operations. Additionally, our intelligent tasking platform will enable accessibility of this information to a much broader audience,” said Jeremy Allam, CEO & Co-founder, Exo-Space. “The shared vision between our companies provides a path to pair our computing technology with Sidus’ spacecraft resources, enabling the delivery of intelligence that will help to effectively address a number of existing global crises, as well as those that present themselves in the future."


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