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Sidus Space engages GTM advanced structures to integrate space-proven solar panels into LizzieSat

Sidus Space has announced a partnership with GTM Advanced Structures to integrate their space-proven solar panels into LizzieSat™.

Sidus Space is in advanced stages of developing LizzieSat, a proprietary partially 3-D printed satellite, expected to launch in 2023. The satellite design utilizes a combination of eight (8) deployed and additional body mounted solar panels to generate up to 400 watts of usable power for satellite operations and up to 50 watts continuous for payloads.

Since 2013, GTM has manufactured solar panels for the SmallSat market from 1U up to 12U solar panels. In the past two years, GTM has integrated more than 1400 triple junction cells onto solar panels. This, combined with GTM’s development of a Plug and Play substrate using industry proven methods and products, creates a rapidly producible, highly reliable, cost-effective product. GTM’s experience, combined with the selection of Azur Space, ensure both the efficiency and longevity of power collection which is vital to accommodating both vehicle basic operations and supporting payloads throughout the orbital lifetimes. Azur Space assemblies provide space solutions with a higher integration level. Based on their high-efficiency solar cells of the 28% or 30%-Advanced class, the assemblies are additionally equipped with cover glasses and interconnectors.

“We’re excited to partner with GTM, an AS9100 certified company, to integrate its space-proven solar panels into LizzieSat™, providing our satellite with solar power and furthering our sustainability efforts. GTM is utilizing its space-proven solar panel manufacturing heritage, employing industry leading Azur Space solar cell assemblies (SCA) to provide Sidus Space with high reliability performance over the orbital lifetime of LizzieSat™. The solar panels are both fixed body mounted and deployable arrays providing a maximum level of exposure for power generation,” said Carol Craig, Sidus Space Founder and CEO.

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