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SIG appoints new directors from Intelsat and Micro-Ant

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has announced that Intelsat has become a Director Member. Longstanding Board Member, Angela Wheeler, has been appointed as a Director, representing Intelsat. Dasha Tyshlek of Micro-Ant also joins the board, replacing Mark Steel, formerly of Micro-Ant.

Angela Wheeler, Intelsat

Angela and Dasha will join an already strong board alongside Andreas Voigt of Eutelsat and Paul Isaac from Kratos.

SIG is a membership organisation that seeks to promote innovation and encourage collaboration within the satellite communication industry, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing negative impact. It provides a forum for discussion between industry operators and professionals, as well as examining challenges and opportunities.

Angela joins the SIG board with over 25 years industry experience and is currently Director of Network Operations at Intelsat. Angela has supported, and been involved with, SIG ‘s work for many years, and as a member of the SIG advisory board, her experience and technical knowledge, particularly around interference, has been invaluable.

Dasha graduated from the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science and since has proven that she has the expertise and the required skills needed to be a leader in the satcom industry. Currently in the role of Director of Business Development at Micro-Ant, Dasha has built up extensive knowledge of antenna products and systems, which will no doubt prove invaluable in her role as SIG Director.

Angela Wheeler commented, “I’ve been involved with SIG for many years so am thrilled to join the SIG board as a Director. SIG plays an important role in the satellite industry, encouraging innovation and collaborative working, and I’m excited to see what the group can achieve next as the industry continues to transform and adapt to current challenges.”

Dasha Tyshlek, Micro-Ant

Dasha Tyshlek commented, “Micro-Ant joined SIG just over a year ago and we have been impressed with the engagement and opportunities it provides. SIG is the only group in this industry that brings together people at the technical and operational level and that is what enables it to drive forward the innovation that is necessary for the industry to continue to succeed.”

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, “Over the past years, Intelsat has been a valuable contributor to the group. Angela brings a wealth of technical knowledge and understanding that is crucial for SIG. I’ve worked with Dasha ahead of our workshop at Micro-Ant last year and since in her new role as Director. She is a positive force, bringing a great deal of enthusiasm and great ideas, coupled with a solid understanding of the challenges within this industry. In an industry where women are in a minority, we are fortunate to have such accomplished women leaders spearhead our group.”

SIG’s next technical workshop takes place in Washington, DC between 16th - 17th March. Workshop places are limited so attendees are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment.


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