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SKY Perfect JSAT joins the Space Data Association

The Space Data Association (SDA) has expanded its membership, adding Japanese operator, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, to the list of member companies. As well as further expanding its global presence and coverage, the latest addition sees the SDA now covering 294 GEO satellites and 481 LEO / MEO satellites supporting 36 participants, large and small, and based around the world.

The SDA is an international organisation that brings together satellite operators to support the controlled, reliable and efficient sharing of data critical to the safety and integrity of the space environment. The SDA enables operators to pool their orbital data in a secure and controlled manner through its Space Data Centre (SDC). This work makes it possible for SDA members to receive timely and accurate collision warning notifications, thereby improving safety of flight.

SKY Perfect JSAT is leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region offering a wide range of satellite communications and solution services covering the land, sea and beyond. Its communications satellites cover the whole of Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Hawaii, and North America. In addition to its satcom services, it has embarked on providing New-Space related services such as geospatial business by collecting and analysing imagery data from low earth orbit satellites. Also, SKY Perfect JSAT is working on ADR(Active Debris Removal), in collaboration with RIKEN, Nagoya University and Kyushu University, such as designing and development of the world's first satellite that uses a laser to remove space debris.

Joe Chan, Chairman, Space Data Association, commented: “SKY Perfect JSAT is a welcome addition to the SDA, and its membership is an indicator of the SDA’s growing presence in the region. By expanding the SDA membership around the globe in this way, we will be in a much better position to not only enhance safety of flight by sharing of operational data, but also to help define the next generation of STM systems and capabilities.”

Hiroaki Nagai, General Manager, Satellite Operations Division, SKY Perfect JSAT, added: “Satellites support the safety and security of our lives, delivering vital connectivity across a whole range of different sectors and geographical regions. Ensuring that space remains a safe environment is absolutely crucial to maintaining those services. At SKY Perfect JSAT, we are committed to enhancing space safety. Joining the SDA will help us keep our satellites safer, whilst also contributing to both safety of flight for the entire industry and our company’s mission “Space for your Smile” for a sustainable future.”

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