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Solstad Offshore completes transition of all fleet connectivity to Marlink

Marlink, the smart network solutions company, has been awarded overall responsibility for the provision of hybrid network connectivity to Solstad Offshore, a leading provider of specialised offshore tonnage to the international oil and gas industry.

A further 25 Solstad vessels will receive an upgrade to bandwidth provision and new digital tools and solutions, joining the 65 vessels migrated to Marlink’s smart hybrid network

In January 2020, Solstad Offshore renewed its connectivity contract with Marlink, committing 65 offshore vessels to Marlink’s high-throughput Ku-band VSAT service. The remaining 25 ships will now be migrated to Marlink’s smart hybrid network, with an upgrade to bandwidth provision and new digital tools and solutions.

As exclusive provider of smart network solutions to the Solstad Offshore fleet, Marlink will ensure that onboard teams are able to reliably use collaborative software tools to keep in touch with shoreside managers on demand. The contract also provides for 4G mobile services and Wi-Fi access on the ships. Solstad Offshore has also taken the opportunity to add another layer of security to its internet connectivity, opting for Marlink CyberGuard solution across the fleet. While most software security services check network traffic or files against a database of known malicious signatures, Cyber Detection uses threat hunting to retroactively investigate whether a newly identified indicator of compromise may have previously attacked the vessel.

Marlink’s solution for Solstad Offshore are made flexible using an innovative self-service portal on board and onshore. Without needing to pick up the phone, users can up- or down-grade their bandwidth allocation online, activate or deactivate services such as content filters and change their coverage area. This adaptability will allow Solstad Offshore greater control, for example by increasing the bandwidth for a vessel according to the current onboard requirements.

To further optimise the user experience onboard and onshore, Marlink will use its advanced network management tools, including routing data traffic according to the application in use based on prevailing latency, to optimise business-critical communications and enable a higher quality user experience.

“Solstad Offshore is committed to delivering the highest possible operational excellence and this means we do not cut any corners when it comes to our assets’ performance and coordination with shore,” says Christian Nesheim, ICT Director, Solstad Offshore. “Concentrating our fleet with Marlink enables Solstad to upgrade our communication systems to a common standard and enhance crew connectivity and cyber security across all ships, wherever they operate.”

“We are delighted that Solstad Offshore has been convinced by the quality and value of Marlink’s smart hybrid approach and our digital solutions to complete the move of its fleet to our network,” says Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink. “By combining the very best in connectivity with smart routeing, crew connectivity and cyber security, we can ensure Solstad Offshore keeps its customer promises and stands out in a highly competitive market.”

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