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SpaceBridge inc. proud to expand connectivity to Colombian aviation authority AeroCivil

Aerocivil Colombia, Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority, is expanding its network in a continued successful partnership with SpaceBridge Inc. ln 2015, Aerocivil and SpaceBridge launched a joint project to ensure continuous connectivity between aircrafts and ground air traffic control. SpaceBridge Inc. implemented dual star and mesh technology infrastructures, allowing aircrafts and airports to communicate with each other while significantly decreasing the overall round-trip delay. “Having this type of connection is dire for Aerocivil Colombia to mitigate the potential dangers that could occur during flight,” explains David Gelerman, CEO of SpaceBridge.

This project was implemented as many Colombian airports are located in regions that are geographically outside the range of cellular tower connection. As such, these airports can now rely on satellite connection thanks to the partnership between Aerocivil Colombia and SpaceBridge Inc. SpaceBridge has provided two geographically redundant gateways; one in the major city of Bogota and one in Barranquilla. This ensures that in the event a natural disaster affects one gateway, the other gateway will automatically take over to maintain constant connectivity. CEO David Gelerman explains this is the reason SpaceBridge’s state-of-the-Art point-to-point Mesh Satellite connectivity was implemented, as it is ensuring reliable, constant connectivity.


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