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SpaceRyde announces multiple launch agreements with ISILAUNCH

SpaceRyde has announced multiple launch agreements with ISILAUNCH. The MLA is an agreement for four of SpaceRyde's commercial launches beginning in 2024 and confirms ISILAUNCH's increased customer demand for private missions counter to rideshare options currently existing in the market. With the addition of SpaceRyde's private space transportation services, ISILAUNCH will offer its customers private launches with customizations, including: launch scheduling as late as four weeks prior to launch; custom orbits and fairing configurations; all at a market-low price of $250,000 per launch.

‍"SpaceRyde is excited to join ISILAUNCH's portfolio of heritage launch partners," said SpaceRyde's CRO, Negar Feher. “A gap exists for fast and reliable access to custom orbits in space at a competitive price. These four launches are only the beginning.”

‍SpaceRyde builds its spacecraft and launch systems in-house and will manage everything from payload integration to launch. This vertical integration, teamed with its innovative private AI-powered balloon launch system, has allowed for leading rocket optimization, mission customization and customer cost savings. Its full-service solution aligns perfectly with ISILAUNCH's goal of making its customers' small satellite launches as simple and easy as possible. With SpaceRyde as their space transportation provider, ISILAUNCH will be able to further uphold its promise of customer satisfaction by offering customizable dedicated rockets to precise orbits for the low minimum cost of $250,000.

"We're excited to add SpaceRyde to our roster of launch providers," says ISISPACE and ISILAUNCH's co-founder, Abe Bonnema. "Our mission is to provide the best launch experience to each of our customers, and with SpaceRyde's reusable technology, we will be able to cater to even more customer missions in various inclinations and altitudes."

SpaceRyde is offering space missions from Earth as a means to build its network of interplanetary rockets that will perform ongoing missions and serve the $1T space economy. The company's proprietary multi-purpose rocket can repeatedly refuel, rendezvous and maneuver in space. The MLA represents the addition of four of SpaceRyde's in-space vehicles to its Rocket Network.

SpaceRyde has test flights scheduled for 2023. Commercial space flights begin in 2024, along with their first mission to the Moon. The signing of this MLA with an established industry player strongly indicates SpaceRyde's technological readiness for commercial operations.


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