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SRC awarded contract to deliver radars to Egypt

The Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC) has awarded SRC, Inc. a contract to manufacture and deliver SR Hawk™ ground surveillance radars in support of Egypt’s MS3 program.

The SR Hawk radar is a long-range ground surveillance radar delivering a unique blend of performance and value. Engineered and designed with the end user in mind, the radar provides highly reliable situational awareness in a low-power package that is easy to setup and use. SRC is continuously improving this system with hardware and software updates that enhance usability and performance.

“We are honored to provide Egypt with the robust and capable SR Hawk radar for their mission,” said SRC president and CEO, Kevin Hair. “These radars are helping to keep borders secure and warfighters safe around the world.”

The SR Hawk radar operates in all weather conditions and extreme temperatures common in Egypt.

The radar offers automated electro-optic sensor cueing, audible alerts, multi-target tracking and anti-clutter techniques, allowing operators to focus on the threat, not the radar. Hundreds of SR Hawk radar systems have been deployed worldwide and are helping to protect warfighters, borders, and critical infrastructure – a testament to the SR Hawk radar’s proven performance and reputation around the globe.


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