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TeamCast SatXpress, a professional PCIe satellite modulator for your server

ENENSYS Technologies, leading provider of media delivery solutions, is pleased to announce SatXpress, a new professional and advanced satellite modulation solution for your server-based broadcast systems.

SatXpress is a PCIe board that performs a highly efficient and high data rate DVB-S/SNG/S2/S2X modulation process for your professional DVB transmissions. The state-of-the-art SatXpress PCIe Modulator covers all DVB satellite transmissions up to 80MSymbol/s – 256APSK and comes with the latest innovations such as DVB-CID & BISS-CA features.

Today, more and more broadcast systems are based on software running on servers, but the transmissions are still based on dedicated hardware. With SatXpress, a high-quality satellite modulator, you can invite RF transmissions inside your COTS hardware for better integration with your software process without any compromise on your RF performances and reliability. Thanks to its standard PCIe Interface, SatXpress is plug & play for a straightforward integration in order to save space & cost.

“Already well known for our reliable and high-performance satellite modulators in use with operators across the world, SatXpress is based on our all-in-one philosophy for ease of deployment and the performance and efficiency to improve your payload,” said Christophe Trolet, Head of Satellite and Terrestrial Modems. “With SatXpress, integration into COTS servers will enable customers to benefit from our expertise in high-quality satellite modulation in all IP environments.”


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