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Technology booster for German SMEs - Unchained Robotics thanks to millions in funding for expansion

To make robotics technology available to everyone - this is the aim pursued by the Paderborn startup company Unchained Robotics. The independent platform for automation technology is very popular with German small and medium-sized businesses and is now also receiving an investment of 1.7 million euros. Archimedes New Ventures, the VC unit of the Böllhoff Group, as well as Born2Grow, are investing in Unchained Robotics and thus into one of the economy’s most exciting key technologies. Unchained Robotics intends to expand its distribution and service across Germany as well as continue to enhance the technical aspects of its platform.

Team Unchained Robotics

“We firmly believe that robotics can support everybody’s day-to-day work. It is vital that companies make more use of automation technology if they want to remain competitive. We would like to contribute our part in helping to ensure that we have a sustainable economy in Germany. Our independent platform is help for self-help. We provide technology and ensure that everyone can apply the appropriate robotics technology in their company”, says Mladen Milicevic, Co-Founder of Unchained Robotics. Unchained Robotics is an independent platform that enables everyone to identify the appropriate automation technology for production processes in the company. That way, clients can see independently which automation technology is available at what price and which technology is suitable for the requirements. In addition to individually tailored solutions, the Paderborn startup company also offers model solutions, which have already been successfully applied in other companies. That way, offerings are created, which are affordable also for small and medium-sized businesses and can easily be implemented into the production process.

Robotics as innovation booster for the German economy

Robotics and automation technology is one of the key technologies for the German economy to remain competitive in the future. For skills shortage, in particular, robotics can provide support and compensate for lack of staff. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, a company providing strategy advice, more than 300,000 workplaces in Germany can be taken over by robots by 2025. This includes, among others, routine tasks such as the loading and unloading of machinery. Simple, manual activities will be reduced in the future so that employees can deal with other tasks and new job categories are generated. For the German SMEs, in particular, the use of automation technology often still presents an initial hurdle that is too high. Unchained Robotics is seeking to change this with its simple, transparent, and independent platform.

At the same time, the startup company in Paderborn is supported by the classical Mittelstand. The group of investors includes BORN2GROW, a subsidiary of Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn. Thomas R. Villinger, CEO and founder of Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn: “Unchained Robotics is making an important contribution to the growth of the German Mittelstand. In the years ahead, robotics and automation technology will be among the indicators for competitiveness and sustainability, in particular, with a view to the shortage of specialists in the sector. We are impressed with the robotics platform and are looking forward to collaboration in the future!” Likewise, the stand-alone innovation and investment company of the Böllhoff Group are also investing with “Archimedes New Ventures”. Böllhoff is a family business in its fourth generation and today is among the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of connection elements and assembly systems. With its investment in Unchained Robotics, the company is continuing its investment strategy in digital business models. To the delight of Mladen Milicevic, co-founder of Unchained Robotics: With the investment of SMEs, we have not only the support from strong, expansive regions but also an extremely experienced partner on our side.” Aside from the investors, the startup company is receiving advice from Reinhard Rabenstein, former CTO of the German-American Group Diebold Nixdorf.

Unchained Robotics was founded in 2019 by Kevin Freise and Mladen Milicevic. Technologiefonds OWL has already made an investment in the young startup company. Since 2018, the two founders have developed the idea to make robotics more readily accessible. University research was followed in 2019 by the formation and start of Unchained Robotics. The two founders were perturbed by the complicated search and strategy during automation in Germany. It was common to spend several weeks and months searching for an appropriate solution until companies were finally able to find a suitable robot and partner. In China, Mladen Milicevic experienced a totally different approach and totally different perception of automation. With these impressions, the two founders set themselves the goal of breaking down the supposed “rocket science” to simple, useable solutions for the broad Mittelstand. Since 2019, more than 30 clients in Germany have already found the way to robotics and automation technology through Unchained Robotics. Among the clients of Unchained Robotics are international corporations, leading research facilities, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.


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