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Tekever expands AR5 drone capabilities with game-changing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology

TEKEVER, the European market leader in unmanned aerial systems and intelligence-as-a-service solutions, announces it has successfully added GAMASAR to its AR5 UAS. GAMASAR is a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) designed and built by TEKEVER to support Aerial and Space-based Earth Observation, which is now available on both AR5 and AR3 systems to support the most demanding maritime and land missions.

Developed by TEKEVER’s Space division, GAMASAR has the ability to detect multiple types of objects in all-weather conditions, making it the perfect tool to support maritime and land-based wide-area surveillance missions

The integration of SAR payloads typically imposes a significant tradeoff in operational capabilities, especially in smaller UAS platforms. By having an integrated design approach between GAMASAR and its UAS product-lines, and having an extremely deep level of integration between the sensor, the platform and the rest of its sensors, TEKEVER is now able to offer unprecedented capabilities for both AR3 and AR5 in their respective UAS classes.

By adding GAMASAR to its payload package, the TEKEVER AR5 can now offer users a vastly increased operational performance, and the ability to effectively detect targets under any weather condition, day and night, over extremely wide areas. The combined usage of Ka/Ku Band SATCOM, capable of delivering more than 4Mbits in BRLOS, and GAMASAR, with up to 40km dual-side looking detection range, makes the AR5 an extremely effective tool for any type of wide-area surveillance mission. With an MTOW below 200Kg, and more than 12h of operational endurance, the TEKEVER AR5 is, by far, the most advanced system in its class, and can provide customers around the world with a highly mobile, simple-to-use and very cost-effective tool to help deliver their mission.

Besides being already fully integrated on both the AR3 and AR5 platforms, TEKEVER’s Space division is also developing GAMASAR versions to support micro-satellite constellations. By applying advanced AI capabilities to fused Space and UAS-based SAR data, TEKEVER believes it can provide customers with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of all activities being performed in their regions of interest.

TEKEVER’s CEO, Ricardo Mendes commented: “Our SAR, which we decided to name “GAMASAR” in honour of the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama, was designed and built to enable our customers with the capabilities that are typically only available through much larger systems. With an extremely reduced logistics footprint and the unique capabilities provided by GAMASAR, the AR5 is a game-changer that provides our customers with tremendous value and cost effectiveness.”


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