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The NewSpace Collective publishes the “Ambition NewSpace” 2027 report

The collective of the NewSpace Conferences which brings together the major players of the French space industry, today published the "Ambition NewSpace 2027" report. The report reveals the 6 major challenges for the future of French NewSpace, along with 24 proposals, resulting from a 12-month process led by the collective. It’s a first in the history of French space and technology!

This work is indeed the result of an original approach, structured in 3 steps:

  • A participatory public consultation which took place via a collaborative platform and webinars helped to identify the major proposal

  • The NewSpace conference (“Assises du NewSpace”) was held on July 7-8, at Station F in Paris, to debate and review these proposals

  • Written under the coordination of Professor Lucien Rapp of the University of Toulouse, the report includes:

    • A definition of NewSpace

    • An overview of the current French NewSpace

    • 24 tangible proposals that address 6 major priorities (financing, customers, globalization, public opinion, strategic independence, intelligence).

The governance chosen by the collective - 1 member, 1 vote - has made it possible to formalize the expression of the entire French space ecosystem on the topic of NewSpace.

Publicly unveiled today, the 24 proposals are addressed to both private and public actors. The entities that are interested in getting involved are invited to contact one of the members of the collective in order to form project groups. They can also register directly on These groups aim to examine the published proposals and to work towards their completion. An assessment will be made during the second edition of the NewSpace Conference, on July 5-6, 2023. This event should bring together more than 1,000 participants to discuss the major challenges for the future of French space.

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