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The Satcoms Innovation Group announces Micro-Ant as new Director Member

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has welcomed Micro-Ant as a director member. Micro-Ant designs, develops and manufactures custom antennas for land, maritime and aerospace applications.

SIG works to promote innovation within the satellite communication industry with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing impact. SIG encourages discussions between industry operators and professionals in order to examine challenges and opportunities, as well as considering the technical aspects of industry efficiencies as a whole.

Micro-Ant was incorporated in 2001 and began its manufacturing operations in 2003. Its core competencies are designing and manufacturing passive and active antennas for satcom and other applications operating within the Microwave Frequency Spectrum including UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka-bands.

Mark Steel, Managing Director, Micro-Ant

Mark Steel, Managing Director, Micro-Ant, commented, “We look forward to joining SIG in its mission to improve operational efficiency and reduce impact within the satcom industry. The team at Micro-Ant understands the importance of collaboration and believes that joining SIG will not only benefit our company, but the industry as a whole. The work that SIG has been doing together with SOMAP to address challenges within the flat panel antenna market is vital, and we are keen to work together to support this work further.”

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, SIG, added, “We are delighted to welcome Micro-Ant as the newest director member of SIG. Its team offers extensive knowledge of designing and manufacturing antennas, a topic that the group is especially focused on at present. It is also a pleasure to have Mark Steel back as a Director. He brings with him a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge.”


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