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UK Defence Secretary cites Tempest’s momentum as key to carry FCAS program to production

Following affirmations made by the UK’s Defence Secretary at Farnborough International Airshow 2022 about the UK’s commitment to successfully develop and produce a sixth-generation Future Combat Air System (FCAS) platform working with Team Tempest.

The Rt. Hon Ben Wallace MP, the UK Defence Secretary

Harry Boneham, Aerospace Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view: “The Defence Secretary’s affirmation that the UK is determined to turn the FCAS demonstrator (which was announced on July 18) into reality will inspire confidence within the industry and encourage further companies to become involved in the program going forward.

“The progress made in the four years since the program was announced and the growing list of firms and countries involved does create a sense of seriousness around FCAS and Tempest. It also corroborates the Defence Secretary’s assertion that Tempest has enough momentum to produce a domestically developed UK sixth-generation fighter jet.

“Whilst other next-generation aerospace development projects such as MOSQUITO have faltered, Tempest seems set to progress especially with the support both Italy and Japan have granted to the program. The £4 billion investment made by the Italian government clearly demonstrates its commitment to Team Tempest.”

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