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Ultra VSAT terminals accredited for use on Avanti

Ultra’s range of advanced man portable and flyaway satellite terminals, designed to meet the demands of secure government and military SATCOM, have been accredited for operations on Avanti Communication’s fleet of high-throughput satellites.

Avanti’s high-capacity Ka-spectrum satellites provide fixed beams covering the EMEA region and steerable beams spanning from the Americas to Asia. Merging this capability with Ultra’s range of terminals, specially designed to operate in the harshest environments, means that end users will have continuous access to reliable communications regardless of where they are operating.

Using Avanti’s high throughput beams, trials across Ultra’s line of terminals showed outstanding throughputs in excess of 150Mbps in the forward and return routes. This capability means government customers now have the ability to provide headquarters-levels of capacity through a terminal that can fit on their back. The efficiency of these terminals, coupled with the high capacity of Avanti’s high throughput steerable beams, will allow government customers to deploy multiple terminals operating simultaneously on one of Avanti’s steerable beams - all delivering in excess of 100Mbps per terminal.

Donald Walker, Director of Government Sales at Avanti Communications commented, “Avanti’s high throughput satellites deliver high levels of capacity making them ideally suited to maximise the benefit of small terminals. Utilising Ultra’s ULV-45, MicroVSat and Fa100 terminals, users can achieve connectivity levels far in excess of that available on conventional satellite networks. We’re delighted that together we can deliver the capacity and reliability that early entry forces and first responders need.”


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