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XipLink announces XipOS 6.3 general availability

XipLink Inc., the technology leader in Wireless Link Optimization, is pleased to announce completion of controlled introduction testing and release for general availability of XipOS 6.3. Production networks were rolled out using new 6.x versions at several leading organizations including use for cellular backhaul at a major North American Telco, a large rural school network in Chile requiring bonded satellite connections, a major US DoD organization that drastically increased throughput to improve user experience in encrypted environments and several other deployments.

All organizations benefited from re-use of defined objects for devices, services and traffic steering policies using SD-WAN orchestration techniques. Many of the tests leverage XipLink’s mature Link Balancing and Bonding technology to achieve much higher aggregate capacities and session counts while improving uptime and user experience.

Some key benefits in XipOS release 6.3 include:

  • Introduces a unified policy and configuration model.

  • Build seamless hybrid networks across multi-orbit satcom, cellular and other networks with Traffic Steering.

  • Control traffic flows over hybrid networks with policy manager for overflow, microwave offload and others.

  • Bond (packet balancing) or balance (session balancing) up to eight links for high capacity and fault tolerance.

  • A modern new GUI to present and edit the network configuration.

  • Centralized policy and Traffic Steering configuration leveraging reusable objects and templates,

  • Integrated bridging, routing and firewall modules to reduce box count and simplify network management.

  • Complete QoS control of individual balanced or bonded links, allowing varying bandwidths per link.

  • Integration of XipLink’s TCP acceleration, session persistence and optimization features, reducing capital cost.

“XipOS 6.3 is the culmination of years long efforts by XipLink’s development and test teams at the direction of leading customers”, said Jaco Botha, XipLink’s SVP of Product. “Specifically, we have made the leap to the SD-WAN paradigm, both as a sub-system focused on satellite services or as a virtual network function (VNF) for larger hybrid wireless networks”. The new XipOS 6.3 software is available today for new XA appliance shipments and XV virtual machine software distributions (VNF) as well as a free upgrade to any customers on paid TAC support. For customers not on support, there is an upgrade path to XipOS 6.3 for appliances (Rev5 and higher) and XipOS 5.x XV virtual machine images.


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