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SatTV talks to CPI @IBC

Richard Hooper talks to Timir Chokshi, Director, Business Development and Marketing, CPI SMP and Tom Goebelbecker, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, CPI SAT about how the CPI groups complement each other.

Unified Software Defined Sat/Ground Solution – Magic of AI and 5G

After years of advertisement around LEO as the only future for the Satellite commercial industry, GEO strikes back with a strong punch; Software Defined Satellite Networks (SDSN). While many LEO systems are not progressing according to initial expectations, GEO SDSN opens up a great potential for the future of this market.

SatTTV talks to KenCast @ IBC2022

Richard Hooper talks to Henrik Axelsson, President of KenCast about the company, and the solutions and products it delivers to the broadcast and media industries.

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Miniature Sensor Interconnections for Rugged Applications

Sensor systems are becoming a primary data source on highly portable electronic technologies employed in potentially extreme environmental conditions and must be small, lightweight and rugged. The interconnection networks within those systems have evolved by using micro and nano-sized interconnection techniques. 

Cube Satellites have a standardized mass and weight that control much of the design. Fortunately, new sensor chips are not only small, but very lightweight and can be mounted onto circuit boards and even on flexible interconnect cable directly. Stacked designs allow for multiple Cube Sats to combine acquisition of from observation and astronomical to include biochemical, distances to objects and even potential collision avoidance functions. Basic function requires sensors for altitude, radiation and solar position in relation to earth orbit within a releasable module. Routing data from module to module must be minute and rugged as well as maintain high signal integrity in such an exposed environment.

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SatCom market to connect 330M premises by 2026 despite macroeconomic headwinds says ABI Research

Several massively disruptive political, economic, and social headwinds—soaring interest rates, looming food and energy shortages, a devastating and needless war, and the changing nature of work—are creating an especially challenging climate. According to global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, while the pandemic and increasing geopolitical tensions have tested supply chains, budgets, and schedules, the SatCom industry is showing its resiliency and adaptability and will deliver inclusive broadband services to urban, underserved, and unserved populations—a number that ABI Research estimates will grow to 330 million premises, equivalent to 1.3 billion household members, by 2026 as part of the Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) potential for the global Satcom industry.

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Defending Space

As much as we all want to see the tenets of the Outer Space Treaty, the Artemis Accords, and all other multilateral frameworks for peaceful cooperation in space hold up, geopolitical pressures here on Earth are already threatening the status quo. Then too, as the race to commercialize space intensifies, new menaces including debris and congestion, are certain to make space a more dangerous place. The question is: are we doing enough to circumvent the worst-case scenarios?

5 Nov 2022

Crispin Littlehales, Executive Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

Viasat sees information advantage, driven by superior comms, as a useful deterrent to conflict

Following a series of high-profile research contracts in mid-2022, we’ve seen Viasat work closely with governments eager to drive modernization across their defences, seeking “information advantage” over their rivals. John Reeves, Managing Director of Viasat UK discusses their accomplishments, and how their technologies can maintain a peaceful world.

1 Nov 2022

Laurence Russell, Associate Editor, Global Military Communications

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Space Tech Expo Europe

Space Tech Expo Europe is the continent’s largest B2B event for the space industry, hosting 475+ exhibiting manufacturers and suppliers, 130+ technical-level conference speakers and bespoke networking opportunities to help you secure the biggest business deals and partnerships of the year. Discover the future of the space industry and register for your free, all-access pass here:

17 Nov 2022

15 Nov 2022

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Air and Missile Defence Technology

SAE Media Group is proud to present the 6th Annual Air and Missile Defence Technology Conference taking place in London, UK, on the 16th and 17th November 2022. This event will follow in the wake of five successful Air and Missile Defence Technology conferences, which featured exceptional international representation.

This event will provide an opportunity to hear the latest developments from senior international programme managers and will provide an opportunity to learn what technologies nations are investing in, to protect from a widening array of missile and airborne threats.

Conference Highlights:

1. National updates on air and missile defence capabilities
As inherent aerial and missile threats continue to escalate, hear how leading nations are strengthening their collective defence structures and modernising AMD capabilities through exclusive sessions from the USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, Poland, NATO, and many more.

2. Exclusive briefings from leading solution providers

Discover future trends and opportunities, as well as factors influencing the AMD market, by hearing first-hand from industry leaders shaping the air and missile defence landscape including MARSS, Lockheed Martin UK, Weibel Scientific, and more.

3. Insights on AMD systems architecture and technology

Hear from PEO Space and Missiles and NATO as they outline strategies for creating common architecture and interfaces to enable integration of command, fire and sensor capabilities into a joint network for faster responses to air threats and more precise situational awareness.

4. Key topics explored

Learn about the trajectory of topics and developments in c-UAS, integrated systems, hypersonic missiles, GBAD, countering medium and long-range ballistic missile technologies, C-RAM, confronting ICBM threats, developing coherent international strategies, cross-forces interoperability across NATO, SHORAD, and many more.

5. Fantastic networking opportunity

The importance of allied cooperation is more prevalent than ever and interoperability between systems and national partners is crucial for any future planning. This conference will enable you to gain valuable contacts within the most cutting-edge programs in a growing and critical market.

Early bird discount:

  • Register 30th     September 2022 to Save £100

17 Nov 2022

16 Nov 2022

SAE Media



Aeromart Toulouse

Over the past 25 years, AEROMART has become a pivotal event for the aerospace industry, connecting business communities across the supply chain worldwide.

Unlike other aerospace events, AEROMART connects OEMs and their Tier 1 & 2 suppliers with manufacturers and service providers from both civil and defense aviation, through a series of individually tailored, B2B meetings. A unique experience which promises a healthy ROI and a genuine opportunity to meet and network with the entire global supply chain.

AEROMART brings the right people to you through an outstanding B2B platform which programs scheduled meetings with the contact you want to see. From multi-million pound plc.’s to SMEs and start-ups, meet with senior buyers and top quality manufacturers from across

the global supply chain.

1 Dec 2022

28 Nov 2022

Advanced Business Events



Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling

In light of the Ukraine war, NATO and its allies need to dramatically reboot their approach to dealing with aggressors, and many countries now plan to spend more on their defence budgets.

This means there has never been a more important time to view how armed forces, industry and governments are developing their air-to-air refuelling capabilities.

Now in its 23rd successful year, we are delighted to announce the return of the Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling Conference in Florence, Italy, to provide a critical forum to explore the strategic and tactical airlift capability in the region and offer allied programme managers the chance to network with leading tanker OEMs and systems integrators.

Conference Highlights:

  • Listen to briefings from key allied partners across the strategic and tactical airlift sectors and develop an understanding of programme developments and future requirements

  • Refined focus on the air-to-air refuelling market and how this critical enabler provides mission support

  • Hear industry presentations from key commercial partners across the domain and      meet them at their dedicated exhibition booth to find out how they can solve your potential challenges through their innovative and novel solutions

  • Learn about key topics within the Military Airlift and AAR community including rotary wing AAR and airlift, resource pooling efforts, humanitarian and disaster relief airlift, rapid response      and delivery capability, and much more

30 Nov 2022

29 Nov 2022

SAE Media



Space Resiliency Summit

DSI’s 9th Annual Space Resiliency Summit will bring together senior leaders from across the national security community to discuss the policies and operations necessary to ensure the safety of US space-based assets and missions. As barriers to entry continue to fall, the space domain is becoming an increasingly contested operating environment. US intelligence, defense, and commercial organizations actively leverage space capabilities for communications, scientific pursuits, intelligence, reconnaissance, and missile detection efforts. Compromising these assets will potentially have tremendous consequences on national security as well as the well-being of the nation.

8 Dec 2022

7 Dec 2022

Defense Strategies Institute



World Satellite Connectivity Summit

Join Luxatia International and global executives for the World Satellite Connectivity Summit on February 9th and 10th in Prague, Czech Republic. The summit will focus on unleashing the full potential of the satellite connectivity ecosystem, LEO/ MEO, 5G integration, IoT, software-defined satellites, cloud-based network systems, Satellite-as-a-Service and much more.

This hybrid event will bring together top-level executives from mobile telecommunication, connected device manufacturers, space industry and technology solution providers to discuss the transformation currently taking place due to the revolution in satellite communications. Gain exceptional knowledge of the latest trends in NTN technology and share the best practices of seamless conversion to satellite connectivity.

Key Practical Learning Points

  • Increasing confidence in the connectivity ecosystem and preparing for the increased onslaught of connected devices

  • Comparing satellite connectivity performance to expectations

  • Disrupting existing business models and network strategies

  • Developing and managing highly power-efficient software defined platforms to gain a competitive edge

  • Enabling security restrictions to counter the emerging cyber threat effects

  • Evaluating terrestrial and satellite service providers’ roles in 5G deployment

  • Achieving global coverage to match rising onboard connectivity demand

  • Finding a way to guarantee global coverage through interoperability between satellites in different orbits

Learn more at

10 Feb 2023

9 Feb 2023

Luxatia International



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