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SatTV talks to Matthew Humphreys, Intellian

Richard Hooper talks to Matthew Humphreys, Sales Director, Intellian about the company, its products and why it is targeting the military sector.

SatTV talks to Ori Naor, Gilat Satellite Networks

Richard Hooper talks to Ori Naor, RVP Defense, Gilat Satellite Networks about his key observations of the defense industry and how Gilat are addressing multi-orbit constellations, unmanned platforms and the real threat of cybersecurity.

SatTV talks to Don Claussen, ST Engineering iDirect

Richard Hooper talks to Don Claussen, CEO, ST Engineering iDirect at the Global MilSatCom event in London. Don discusses how the company approaches the MilSatCom market and delivers resilient secure services to the military sector.

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Viasat welcome Insign Solutions to ELEVATE program to deliver IoT-powered wildfire detection

Viasat announced it has welcomed Insign Solutions, a provider of bespoke Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions and services, to its ELEVATE program. ELEVATE is a growth program, ecosystem, and marketplace for providers of software, hardware and solutions, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in commercial land markets. As an ELEVATE partner, Insign Solutions will provide customers with an IoT-enabled monitoring solution to mitigate the environmental threats of wildfires.As part of the program, Insign Solutions will benefit from Viasat’s global L-band network, the satellite network for IoT. The robust, global connectivity of Viasat’s L-band network will enable the Forest Capsule wildfire detection solution to deliver mission-critical environment monitoring to customers around the world, even in the remotest and most challenging locations.

CAES awarded production contract from US Navy

CAES has been awarded a contract from the US Navy for production of the AN/ALQ-99 Low Band Consolidation (LBC) transmitter. Total funding through 2025 to support both the US Navy and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is expected to exceed $55 million, if all options are exercised. This award also includes new special test equipment and follows a contract for the initial pre-production phase of the LBC.


“We are proud of our longstanding partnership with the US Navy on next-generation electronic warfare technology,” said Mike Kahn, CAES president and CEO. “The LBC brings critical upgrades to the AN/ALQ-99 Low Band Transmitter (LBT) to combat evolving and emerging threats.”


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Orbit Fab: Extending the life of assets in space

We spend a great deal of money getting satellites into orbit only to disable and destroy them after a few short years. Once we can refuel them, the paradigm will shift dramatically. Not only will on orbit refueling reduce upfront capital, but it will also vastly improve utilization and extend the lifespan of the satellite. We interviewed Daniel Faber, Orbit Fab’s Founder and CEO, to find out more about how his company will revolutionize the way we use our space-based assets.

9 Nov 2023

Mission in motion

Mission Microwave Technologies was founded in 2014 with a single ambition: to create the next generation of Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and Block Up Converters (BUCs). The company manufactures a range of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based RF and microwave electronics for antennas built by leading players in the satellite industry for defense and commercial use. We spoke with Mission Microwave and several of their customers to pinpoint how and why Mission’s unique cylindrical BUCs are enabling mission critical applications.

2 Nov 2023

Crispin Littlehales, Executive Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

Features, Q&As and Market Reports

OTT Summit

As more and more streaming platforms launch in Asia, some of the largest names in the industry have finally seen their first subscriber drop-off in a decade. Can this be simply attributed to the increased competition, or are these “declines” symptomatic of an over-saturated market that is likely to continue seeing more consumer churn?

In Asia, and particularly Southeast Asia, the video streaming sector is a long way from reaching maturity. According to a recent 2022 report by Media Partners Asia, the SEA region saw 2.5 million net new subscribers, taking total subscriptions to 43.5 million. Does this mean that streaming services still have lots of potential to grow in this region? Or is growth starting to slow down as more platforms enter the fray? And the bigger question remains: How much growth and profit can be generated from Asia alone?

Join us on 5 December 2023 at the OTT Summit in Singapore as we speak to some of the industry’s top leaders for their insights into these questions and more, as they gear up for greater growth and expansion for their businesses in 2023 and beyond.

5 Dec 2023

5 Dec 2023




Counter UAS Technology USA

SAE Media Group is delighted to announce the 3rd annual Counter UAS Technology USA Conference, taking place in Arlington, VA, on December 5-6, 2023.

Building from the sell-out 2022 edition, Counter UAS Technology USA  2023 will return to showcase the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the market to ensure that DoD personnel, equipment and infrastructure are protected from the proliferation of drones.

6 Dec 2023

5 Dec 2023

SAE Media



Space Resiliency Summit

Defense Strategies Institute is proud to announce the 10th Annual Space Resiliency Summit. This year’s Summit will bring together senior leaders from across the US space enterprise to discuss US efforts to ensure the resiliency of critical assets against both traditional and non-kinetic attacks.

As part of the two-day event, DSI will convene a series of panels to bring together experts on the most important issues currently facing the space enterprise. Panelists will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for bolstering the cybersecurity of space architecture, as well as how to best increase Space Situational Awareness.

7 Dec 2023

6 Dec 2023

Defense Strategies Institute



Mobile Deployable Communications

SAE Media Group is proud to announce the 17th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference, taking place on 24th-25th January 2024.

From the strategic level down to the tactical, efficient and clear communications are key to operational success. The fast pace of modern warfare requires agile, highly adaptable forces capable of rapid movement whilst maintaining a consistent communication and situational awareness capability. Interoperability is also becoming increasingly important to ensure seamless command and control within a multinational coalition, especially given the rising operational tempo across Europe.

9 Jan 2024

24 Jan 2024

SAE Media



Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology

With rapid technological advances changing the way maritime forces need to utilise and manage ISR capabilities across domains, Maritime and Littoral Reconnaissance and Surveillance systems and platforms have become a critical component of naval capability.

31 Jan 2024

29 Jan 2024

SAE Media



UAV Technology USA

UAV Technology USA will return as the leading conference in the US dedicated to unmanned aerial systems and their evolving role in modern warfare.

Attracting leading speakers and experts from all branches of the US military, as well as from international allies, and key industry partners this conference will be the place to meet, exchange information and gain access to the latest UAV technological solutions.

6 Feb 2024

5 Feb 2024

SAE Media



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