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SatTV talks to ND SATCOM

Satellite 2022: Laurence Russell, Assistant Editor, Satellite Evolution Group talks to Michael Nebel, Head of Product Management at ND SATCOM about the company post pandemic and the product launch highlights from 2021.

SatTV talks to ST Engineering iDirect

Satellite 2022: Laurence Russell, Assistant Editor, Satellite Evolution Group talks to Darren Ludington, Regional VP Sales, ST Engineering iDirect about its Mx-DMA MRC return technology and what it means for the customer.

SatTV talks to CPI SMP

Satellite 2022: Laurence Russell, Assistant Editor, Satellite Evolution Group talks to Pamela Lugos, VP Business Development, CPI SMP about amplifier developments and the need for increased bandwidth and higher frequency products.

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Bittium delivers Tough Comnode devices to Finnish Defence Forces

The versatile Bittium Tough Comnode fulfills the data transfer needs of the mobile troops by functioning for example as a VoIP phone, an IP router, and an SHDSL repeater. Bittium Tough Comnode is rugged and easy to install in different environments and it is also portable by soldiers on the battlefield. The device is compatible with the software defined radio based Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN) system and Bittium Tough SDR™ radios, which are meant for broadband tactical communications. The Tough Comnode device offers diverse connectivity options also to third-party equipment and systems. Bittium Tough Comnode also enables using legacy Combat Net Radios (CNR) as part of the IP-based tactical communication system (Radio over IP, RoIP).

Bridging the digital divide – the broadband challenge in Canada’s Arctic 

QINIQ is an advanced satellite network, delivering broadband internet and mobile services to one of the most remote and challenging regions in the world. QINIQ serves all 25 communities in Nunavut, a territory in Canada’s eastern Arctic with a total population of approximately 36,000 across 2 million square kilometres. There are no roads into Nunavut communities and thus no terrestrial communications backbone infrastructure - all communication with the outside world is done via satellite. 

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Digitizing gateways for NewSpace: The ticket to play in the virtual satellite world

When Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz developed the modern binary system 350 years ago, the digitization of the modern world was set into motion. Most enterprises on Earth have long embraced “digital transformation” to advance their business operations and benefit from the replacement or augmentation of physical devices with virtual functions. However, due to the nature of working in space, the satellite industry has been one of the last to fully adopt today’s most widely spoken language: zeros and ones.

21 Apr 2022

Jonathan Baker, Chief Technology Officer, Kratos Antenna Solutions

Shaping a cloud-native future for 5G, with the use of Kubernetes

According to UK-based market research firm, Precision Report, the global Container and Kubernetes market is expected to reach a value of US$2,178 million by 2024 as operators and providers worldwide continue to move from legacy equipment to modernized, streamlined, and automated solutions. Where mass 5G rollout is concerned, operators are leveraging cloudnative solutions to drive the massive scaling of services and applications

24 Apr 2022

Brooke Frischemeier, Senior Director of Product Management,

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The MEASA region’s leading show for innovation and engaging experiences in the content, broadcast, satellite and pro AV communities.

CABSAT is where you can boost your business, reinforce your brand, and convert prospects into customers. With over 10,000 visitors from 120 countries, the event brings together key international decision-makers, buyers and thought leaders, eager to meet face to face and learn more about your company’s products and solutions.

18 May 2022

16 May 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre



Space Tech Expo USA

Space Tech Expo, the West Coast's premier space event consists of two days of knowledge sharing and networking alongside the largest supply chain exhibition of its kind. The free-to-attend exhibition will showcase the very latest technology from technical designers, sub-systems suppliers, manufacturers and components through to systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

24 May 2022

22 May 2022

Smarter Shows



International Space Development Conference

The National Space Society invites you to come learn about the current ideas and plans for space travel, space development and space settlements at the International Space Development Conference®.

The 40th annual International Space Development Conference®, ISDC® 2022, hosted by the National Space Society will be held in Arlington, Virginia from May 27-29, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. The theme for ISDC 2022 is Living In Space.

The NSS is dedicated to our vision: People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity. The ISDC® is where space leaders, astronauts, enthusiasts and the next generations of young students and professionals gather each year. Regular features include talks by government and industry leaders, panels on the latest developments in space technology and related fields, exhibits from private space companies, and an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the people who make the future happen.

28 May 2022

26 May 2022

National Space Society, NSS



Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems Conference

After many years of NATO allied nations engaging in combat against largely dismounted insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, the recent doctrinal pivot towards fighting mechanized, nation-state competitors requires both technical and strategic cooperation. By design, light infantry forces sacrifice certain capabilities in order to maximize flexibility and mobility. It is therefore vital that programme managers, technical directors and industry work together to maximise lethality, standoff, and capability from modernised tank battalions to the light infantry brigade.

Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems 2022 returns to provide a vital platform where international military leaders, along with industry decision makers can discuss and cooperate on efforts and build cohesion in the market.

Hear from leading armoured vehicle programme managers, officers involved in innovative beyond line of sight fire systems, experts of delivering network enabled capability within armoured vehicles, or updates on the latest turret, weapon systems and munitions being developed, Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems 2022 is the ideal conference to attend in order to return to your team with a set of strategies and solutions to advance your future capability.

Key Reasons to Attend:

  • Keynote briefings from senior officers from leading armoured vehicle programmes from across the NATO-aligned world including the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden and many more

  • A unique emphasis on developing versatile lethality capabilities by exploiting open electronic architectures and a modular approach to weapon system integration

  • Focused and high-level discussion featuring technical managers and project engineers from both military and industry

  • Generating knowledge and expertise following recent procurement processes within international militaries

30 May 2022

29 May 2022





SatelliteAsia is the region's largest gathering of satellite players: operators and network providers for satellite communication technology, enterprise solutions providers and broadcasters all in a single exhibition.

Previously a segment of CommunicAsia, SatelliteAsia is co-located with the inaugural Asia Satellite Business Week (ASBW) this year to bring you the region's premier SatCom exhibition and conference.

ASBW will feature prominent industry speakers to address the hottest topics in satellite such as connectivity, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence, industrial / launch activities and orbit logistics & space exploration.

SatelliteAsia is an anchor event of Asia Tech x Singapore, the region's flagship tech event that gathers business leaders to shape our shared digital future. Here, you can look forward to dynamic conversations and valuable networking with the region’s tech players across all verticals.

2 Jun 2022

31 May 2022




Military Space USA 2022

The US has dominated the space domain for many years, and its overwhelming superiority across the other warfighting domains has ensured that this domination was rarely challenged. Nowadays, however, space is becoming increasingly competitive: near-peer adversaries are flexing their muscles, irregular threats are rife in the cyber domain, and there are growing calls for modernization within the US space enterprise to arrest this shift in momentum.

7 Jun 2022

6 Jun 2022




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