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Global Military Communications

February 2023

Cover story: With so many disquieting revelations about the power and ubiquity of today’s cyber-threats, technology developers, industry partners, and government divisions are becoming increasingly concerned about the strength of today’s cybersecurity capabilities. Daniel Gizinski, Comtech’s Chief Strategy Officer for Defense, spoke with us about the nature of the threat, and how governments, defense agencies, and the private sector can best respond and prepare for the future.

  • A digital backbone: how it strengthens and weakens national defence

  • Q&A Ronald van der Breggan, Chief Commercial Officer at Rivada Space Networks (RSN)

  • Cybersecurity as a service: Enabling workers to withstand cyberattacks from the most remote of sites

  • Q&A Simon West, Cyber Advisory Lead for Resilience

  • New horizons for the defence industry means the outlook is bright for 2023

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Global Military Communications

December 2022

Cover story: Optimizing secure multi-transport networks for the military and the DoD

  • Q&A Cvete Koneska, Head of Advisory, Dragonfly 

  • Sharpening eyes, ears, and teeth in a dangerous subsea environment

  • Why improving communications within the Royal Navy needs a digital approach

  • Q&A J.J. Shaw, Vice President of Information, Security and Operations for Telesat Government 

  • UAVs in defense: as usage grows, the spotlights fall on maintenance and sustainment

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

October 2022

Cover story: Viasat sees information advantage, driven by superior comms, as a useful deterrent to conflict

  • Q&A Dr. Thomas Paul, VP / Market Manager for Aerospace, and Stefano Biagiotti, VP / Market Manager for Defence, HUBER+SUHNER

  • How multi-layer COMSATCOM services are modernizing military communications

  • Defending space

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

August 2022

Cover Story: Space domain awareness: Political and operational challenges

  • Q&A Paul Topping, Business Development Director, Animal Dynamics

  • Q&A John Finney, CEO, ALL.SPACE

  • SKYNET 6 is a litmus test of contemporary defence development and procurement strategy

  • Q&A Chris Stott, Founder and CEO of ManSat and NewSpace startup, Lonestar

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

June 2022

Cover Story: Q&A Daniel Gizinski, President, Comtech Satellite Network Technologies

  • The future of battlespace C4ISR

  • Q&A Dave Davis, Global Government Technical Director, ST Engineering iDirect

  • The missing digital thread that will redefine military equipment support

  • Q&A Brian Billman, Chief Marketing Officer, Isotropic Systems

  • Prime sustainability

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

April 2022

Cover Story: Staying a step ahead of security and crisis risks

  • Space crash

  • Q&A Carol Craig, CEO, Sidus Space

  • Gaining an operational edge: why satcom leverage lies in a layered approach

  • Beware ‘the new Trojan Horse’: Why cyber hardening is imperative to government defence

  • NGOs fight on the most vital frontlines of our times

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

February 2022

Cover Story: Preventing human error data leaks

  • How to prevent potentially life threatening human error data leaks

  • Countering UAS technology

  • Q&A Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Blu Wireless

  • Q&A Mark Rushton, Business Development Director of VITEC

  • Simulated training

  • Q&A Cameron Chell, CEO, Draganfly

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

November/December 2021

Cover Story: Challenges in US border security

  • How the US Intelligence Community is driving new security protocols in satcom

  • Q&A Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM

  • Keeping military satellite communications secure

  • Q&A Phil Mar, CTO for Government Systems at Viasat

  • Nelson Santini, CEO, Minerva Space Technologies

  • Are we doing enough to prevent space debris?

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Driving defence procurement to the cutting edge

  • Driving defence procurement to the cutting-edge

  • Surveillance balloons

  • Q&A Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies

  • Getting the backhaul right for avionics telemetry links

  • SDRs for ground stations

  • Q&A Rick Lober, GM and VP, Hughes Defence and Intelligence Systems Division

  • Keeping comms-on-the-move secure as well as reliable in the commercial sector

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

July/August 2021

Cover Story: Integrated Space Review

  • Cognitive radios

  • Q&A Mark Barrett, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder, Blu Wireless

  • Bolstering US military defense capabilities in areas of observation and space-based defense mechanisms

  • Advancing global military tactical communications

  • Staying connected during ‘dark mode’ operations

  • What the Integrated Review says about the UK space industry

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

May/June 2021

Cover Story: Automation & AI

  • Cybersecurity in the defence space

  • Managing government data

  • Innovative situational awareness

  • One quantum leap forward

  • Bringing test and evaluation into the digital future

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

March/April 2021

Cover Story: Artificial Intelligence

  • ‘What’s Your Warrior?’ campaign

  • How Ka-band has become invaluable to the military

  • Understanding the shortcomings of PACE plans in battlefield communications

  • The Blackjack constellation program gains speed, raising the bar for space domain awareness

  • Lasers: From warning to attack

Global Military Communications

Global Military Communications

January/February 2021

Cover Story: Q&A IGC

  • Meeting the communications needs of the modern navy

  • Wearables go intimate for multitudinous defensive applications

  • Interference: Is it time for a new resolution

  • Q&A David Eldridge, Sales Director, Chess Dynamics

  • How digitisation within the defence industry has been expedited by coronavirus

  • Earth observation for the military

Global Military Communications

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