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Satellite Evolution Global

March 2023

Cover Story: Comtech recently entered an exciting new phase in its evolution complete with a fresh logo, a compelling message—Fluent in the Future—and a Renaissance Man at the helm. We sat down with Ken Peterman, Chair, President, and CEO to discuss key initiatives and the creation of EVOKE, an Innovation Foundry that is expected to keep Comtech on the bleeding edge.

  • Proceed with caution - Andy Chambers, Director of Industrials, Edison

  • Preventing downtime in an unpredictable climate - Ray Powers, Director of Sales and Marketing for Walton De-Ice

  • The success of satcom’s redefinition lies in the ground segment - Frederik Simoens, CTO at ST Engineering iDirect

  • Q&A Michael Nebel, ND Satcom, Head of Product Management

  • Q&A Kevin Steen, CEO of OneWeb Technologies

  • Q&A Andrew Bond, ETL Systems, Sales & Marketing Director

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Satellite Evolution Global

February 2023

Cover story: Rocket Lab’s first Electron mission to launch from US soil, dubbed “Virginia is for Launch Lovers”, made its ascent on January 24. Beneath the light-hearted nomenclature the company uses for all its missions lies a commitment to safety and success that is dead serious. In 2022, the company had 9 flawless launches including the pathfinder to the Moon, CAPSTONE. According to Peter Beck, Rocket Lab’s Founder and CEO, 2023 is setting up to be even more exciting. Caitlin

  • Q&A Kontgis, Satellogic VP of Go-to-Market

  • Green propulsion: The key to space accessibility and sustainability

  • Q&A Erin Defossé, COO of Slingshot Aerospace

  • On-demand tracking: Ground vs Space

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

December 2022

Cover Story: During the last year, the satellite and space industry has been very dynamic with a lot of action, but the overall pace of investment has slowed down in comparison to 2021. Although SpaceX raised some US$2 billion in 2022, the second largest round of funding went to Chinese satellite industry start-up, Galaxy Space, which raised US$150 million. 

  • Q&A Daria Boiko, Vice President of IEC Telecom Group’s Commercial Division

  • Q&A Ray Powers, Director of Sales and Marketing, Walton De-Ice

  • Q&A Bryan Dean, CEO and Co-founder of Dragonfly Aerospace

  • Travelling to space through crypto

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

November 2022

Cover Story: We take an inside look at the gargantuan and complex undertaking by Northrop Grumman to build and successfully launch the James Webb Space Telescope. 

  • Q&A Dr. Leslie Klein, Founder, and CEO of C-COM, which pioneered mobile satellite-based internet connectivity.

  • IoT interoperability - Optimizing every aspect of the Sat-IoT component - Fabien Jordan, CEO of Astrocast

  • Can the satellite industry really bridge the Digital Divide? - Laurence Russell, Associate Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

  • Q&A Jan Hetland, Director, Data Services Division, Telenor Satellite

  • What are we missing about the metaverse? - Dario Betti, CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum discusses the commonalities he has seen, and what those clues could mean for our new digital reality.

  • Q&A David Henri, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Exotrail

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

October 2022

Cover story: Making space accessible to everyone - Tim Chrisman, Founder and Executive Director of

Foundation for the Future

  • Space agencies galvanize projects to unlock the mysteries of Jupiter’s moons

  • The critical role of environmental assessments in the licensing of UK space flight activities - Ruth Fain, Environmental Consultant, ITPEnergised

  • Q&A Augustine Ponturiero, TriSept, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

  • Q&A Sethu Saveda Suvanam, Founder & CEO of ReOrbit

  • Q&A Dr. Kevin Petty, Vice President of Weather and Earth Intelligence, Spire Global Inc

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

September 2022

Cover story: What does the future hold for satellite broadcasting?

  • Will analog ever die? We don’t think so - Andrew Bond, Sales, and Marketing Director for ETL Systems

  • Tomorrow’s viewers tell broadcasters what they would like to see - Martin Coleman, Partner, COLEM Engineering

  • The C-band spectrum opportunity: defining the future of satellite distribution - Tim Pearson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, NAGRA

  • The true potential of connecting the rurally unconnected - Laurence Russell, Associate Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

  • Chris Stott, Founder and CEO of ManSat and NewSpace startup, Lonestar

  • Guy Ferraro, Chief Executive Officer at NPC SYSTEM

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

August 2022

Cover Story: CAPSTONE: Proving a path to the moon

Satellite News & Analysis

Executive Movers & Shakers

Delivering broadband to rural and indigenous populations in Alaska

Q&A KT SAT Spokesperson

Q&A Vincent Dedieu, COO & Deputy CEO of Sodern

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

July 2022

Cover Story: A deliberately different approach to hiring solutions

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

  • Q&A Shagun Sachdeva, Founder of Kosmic Apple

  • Q&A Michelle Peters, Director of Research and Education, Zero-G Corporation

  • Why invest in NewSpace and why now?

  • How satellites can help to mitigate the risks of mining

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

June 2022

Cover Story: Sustainability inthe stars - Can we stabilize our own planet with off-world resources?

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

  • James Webb Telescope

  • How do we address the growing importance of space defense?

  • Bring space down to Earth - How the UK is nurturing the green space revolution

  • Q&A Chris Carella, EVP Business Development and Strategy, Benchmark Space Systems

  • Q&A Foster Ferguson, Director of Aerospace, Stratasys

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

May 2022

Cover Story: Three approaches to bridging the Digital Divide in Latin America

  • Revolutionizing remote sites around the world with IoT

  • Alvaro Alonso Ruiz, Co-Founder & CCO, Leanspace

  • Chris Blackerby, Chief Operating Officer, Astroscale

  • Mark Rocket, Chief Executive Officer & Company Director, Kea Aerospace

  • Christian Patouraux, CEO, Kacific

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

April 2022

Cover Story: Full speed ahead: How satellite operators manage to be both - an ISP and a TV broadcaster

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

  • Revolutionizing the way to space

  • Andrew Bond, Sales and Marketing Director, ETL Systems

  • Dr Stéphane Estable, PERIOD project Coordinator and System Architect, Airbus Defence & Space

  • Digitizing gateways for NewSpace: The ticket to play in the virtual satellite world

  • Shaping a cloud-native future for 5G, with the use of Kubernetes

  • Reducing interference issues between 5G and C-band satellite communications

  • Special Focus: Space Foundation

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

March 2022

Cover Story: What the new UN:IO 400 laser constellation has learned from satellite fleets of the past 

  • The race to embrace NewSpace - how market leaders see the space market today

  • Q&A Dr. Vagan Shakhgildian, President of Comtech Satellite Network Technologies Corporation in Montreal, Canada

  • Q&A Scott Sentz, Director of Sales & Marketing, Q-Tech Corporation        

  • Q&A Frederik Simoens, Chief Technology Officer of ST Engineering iDirect

  • Q&A Joel Spark, Co-Founder and VP of Space Systems at Spire Global

  • Company Review - ST Engineering iDirect

  • Executive Movers & Shakers

Satellite Evolution Global

Satellite Evolution Global

February 2022

Cover Story: Inflight connectivity

  • The real space race: Connecting businesses to satellite constellations

  • How can satellite geospatial construction change our approach to development?

  • Niche networks are the new normal

  • Algorithms at altitude

  • Inflight connectivity: Onwards and upwards

  • The evolving threat of cyberweaponry

  • Q&A Manik Vinnakota, Director, Commercial, and Product Development at Telesat

Satellite Evolution Global

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