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Elbit Systems completes delivery of Israeli Air Forces’ ground based training system center

Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems has completed the delivery of the Ground Based Training System (GBTS) center for the M-346 “Lavi” trainer aircraft. This comprehensive training solution was selected by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and the Directorate of Production and Procurement (DoPP), to effectively and affordably qualify its pilots and Weapon Systems Operators (WSOs) to progress directly to fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft (F-16, F-15 and F-35).

A fully networked solution for operational combat training, the GBTS consists of multiple simulators that are connected to each other, creating a joint network, which provides a nearly identical flight environment, obtainable without the time and expense of real flight. This advanced virtual-constructive training solution introduces cutting-edge technology that enables the IAF pilots to conduct effective and safe flight training, while ensuring their full-readiness in operating next-generation platforms. It delivers highly realistic and immersive conditions in a ground-based setting, further enhancing the IAF’s training capacity, by allowing its aircrew to better plan and perform full mission exercises – in much less time and using fewer resources.

Based on cutting-edge simulation technology and training capabilities, the GBTS enables flight academy cadets, as well as graduate pilots and WSOs, to practice unusual and in-flight emergency procedures, and at a more advanced level, to simulate complex combat scenarios, acting as a solo pilot or as part of a formation. Embedded Tactical Training System (ETTS), Elbit’s cutting-edge technology live training system, provides live training within the GBTS as well as in the real aircraft. The Center’s simulators employ a real-image 360º display system, equipped with simulation models of actual weapons systems and high-fidelity Computer Generated Forces (CGF), which, working together, generate a wide range of immersive virtual combat environments.

Users’ feedback after using the system is that “this is as close as it can get to real life scenarios”.

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