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BAE Systems website takes flight at Avalon

BAE Systems website takes flight at Avalon

BAE Systems Australia has launched a new website targeting Australian and regional stakeholders with an interest in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Flightpath ( features in-depth information focused on the F-35, including regular updates and contributions from some of Australia’s leading defence/ aerospace experts who provide deep subject knowledge from a variety of perspectives.

BAE Systems Australia Aerospace Director Steve Drury said: “Flightpath will help to further entrench collaboration within and between industry, defence and government on the F-35 program not only within Australia, but throughout the region. Our F-35 sustainment teaming partners include some of the biggest companies in the defence industry. They, along with Lockheed Martin, the lead designer and manufacturer of the F-35 Lightning II, amount to a formidable industry base, each with its own stories to tell from technology and capability perspectives.”

Flightpath is expected to appeal to senior decision makers in government and air force in Australia and throughout the Pacific region, as well as leaders from defence industry and its broader supply chain. Influencers from defence and aviation media, and anyone with a passion for the F-35, can visit the site.

The F-35 program offers never-before-seen opportunities for Australian industry to sustain a capability set that will remain in service until the middle of the century. Over time it is expected that Flightpath will become a ‘go-to public resource’ for latest information regarding the progress of F-35 in Australia.

In the coming months BAE Systems will be introducing key contributors to Flightpath. They will include analysts and commentators who are well-known within Australian aerospace and defence industry circles.

Content published on Flightpath will also be marketed directly to readers via email. Anyone interested in receiving email alerts is encouraged to visit to sign up online, or visit the BAE Systems Australia stand at the Avalon Airshow, 1L11.

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