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Rheinmetall wins major new air defence orders worth a total of €220 million

Rheinmetall wins major new air defence orders  worth a total of €220 million

Rheinmetall has recently booked two important air defence orders, winning a new customer country in the process. Two foreign governments have ordered air defence hardware and related services for their air forces. Total value of the two orders comes to around €220 million. In both cases, Rheinmetall had to overcome stiff international competition. The orders were booked in June this year. Delivery will take place through to 2021.

The new customer country has ordered two Skyguard 3 air defence systems. This is a third generation system optimized for protecting critical facilities and infrastructure from current and future threats at very short ranges. Each system consists of a Skyguard 3 fire control unit as well as two 35mm Oerlikon Twin Gun GDF009 automatic cannons. The same country is expected to place additional orders in the medium term.

Another nation – already a longstanding customer – has now opted to add 35mm Skyguard 1 fire units to its inventory. The order also encompasses 35mm ammunition, simulators, related test equipment as well as training on location. Here too, follow-on orders are expected to come within the next five years.

Rheinmetall is one of the world’s foremost makers of sophisticated air defence systems for short-range applications. The company is the market leader in gun-based air defence, and the sole single source supplier of fire control technology, guns, integrated guided missile launchers and special Ahead airburst ammunition.

The Group’s tried-and-tested 35mm Skyshield technology sets the unsurpassed global standard, particularly when it comes to protecting sensitive civilian sites and critical infrastructure from terrorist threats.

Developed by Rheinmetall on behalf of the German Bundeswehr, the Mantis air defence system is the most advanced system of its kind anywhere. First deployed in 2014, it is able to protect military installations and forward operating bases from incoming rocket, artillery and mortar fire.

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