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LDS’ Multi-Sensor System brings explosive, drugs detection to a new level

LDS’ Multi-Sensor System brings explosive, drugs detection to a new level

In recent years, criminal and terrorist organizations increasingly exploit commercial precursors to create explosives. Concealment of explosives and drugs have also become more creative and sophisticated, further challenging the conventional detection measures used by authorities.

Realizing the limitations of specific detection techniques used by authorities, terrorists and drug traffickers become adept to screening techniques. To meet the growing threat at high security screening systems such as airports, authorities employ several detection solutions in parallel. Lacking integration and synchronization, these solutions improve the probability of detection but incur high operating costs.

LDS is introducing at MILIPOL 2017 a fully integrated solution using multiple detection technologies including laser detection technologies, dual Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) and chemical detection, that operate in synch. The HDK employs a proprietary algorithm to processes the feeds from each of the detectors. Operating the sensors in parallel, and in real-time, results in a much higher probability of detection than the performance of each specific detector. HDK also provides much lower false positive rate, even in conditions that hinder detection by each of the specific techniques. Therefore, HDK delivers the highest level of detection and most reliable identification at the most affordable cost. Implementing sample collection protocols developed specifically for field use, and controlled by a simple user interface, HDK is ideally suited for use by security teams, enabling handling any material with any form the team may encounter in the field. “The HDK addresses a growing demand from the user community for integrated, field-deployable detection and identification solutions.” Said Rani Avni, LDS CEO. “We are proud to launch this advanced, integrated explosive and drugs inspection capability at MILIPOL 2017, representing a technological breakthrough in the authorities’ capabilities to collect, detect, and inspect explosives and narcotics of all types and forms. The new system introduces the highest standards in sensitivity for field deployable systems, along with a low rate of false alarms. The HDK successfully completed comprehensive testing and will soon be introduced to customers following the conclusion of regulatory and commercial certification.” "As an innovated technology driven company LDS is vigilant at the operational gaps and capability needs of our customers. We study a lot from the huge operational experience of our customers, using detection systems, in Israel and abroad,” added Eli Venezia LDS' president and Chairman of the board. ”HDK addresses these operational needs as other LDS detection solutions, such as the Spectro drone and the Sphere vehicles inspection system. These new systems enable our customers to "bridge" between evolving operational needs and advanced detection technologies, it is what makes our detection solutions unique and efficient for the field users." Laser Detect Systems (LDS) is a leading provider of narcotics, explosives, and HAZMAT detection and identification solutions, with its innovative products - the G-Scan, a Raman spectroscopy based detector, the I-Scan, an Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) detection tool and Wet chemistry material identification products.

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