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Thales’s new Bushmaster MR6 to protect soldiers’ lives

Thales’s new Bushmaster MR6 to protect soldiers’ lives

To meet the challenge of evolving battlefield threats, Thales has launched its new protected vehicle, the Bushmaster Multi Role 6 (MR6) at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference in London. This new platform builds on the proven pedigree and Bushmaster’s success with even greater levels of survivability to protect soldiers’ lives. Thales continually invests and innovates in future technologies to meet customer needs.

Designed and manufactured by Thales Australia, the new Bushmaster MR6 builds on Bushmaster’s battle-proven capability and continues its record of safety and reliability. Bushmaster’s true “deep V-Hull” deflects blast energy away from the crew providing tremendous protection against land mines and IEDs. This protection has proven itself in numerous operations such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Mali. Now in service in 8 countries, the Bushmaster is used in more than a dozen variant configurations in multiple roles.

Thales invests significantly in new products and applies a continuous improvement strategy in leveraging customer feedback from combat operations. This new tactical platform is designed to meet the needs of the digitised battlespace and is currently being competed in the UK’s Multi-Role Vehicle Protected (MRVP) program, and if successful will create jobs in both Australia and the UK.

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