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Media Broadcast Satellite partners with Kymeta to deliver on-the-move broadband connectivity to gove

Media Broadcast Satellite partners with Kymeta to deliver on-the-move broadband connectivity to government and defence customers

Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) and Kymeta have announced the signature of a master agreement during Eurosatory 2018. The agreement allows MBS to provide Kymeta products and services to government and defence customers outside the US. The KyWay™ terminals will form an integral part of MBS’ tailored Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) and Satcom-on-the-Pause (SOTP) applications and services for non-US government customers on a global scale.

Agile communications that can reach even the most remote areas are of paramount importance to government, defence, and intelligence customers today. On land, at sea, and in the air, connectivity is mission-critical and creates situational awareness for all involved. Operations are often carried out in the most remote areas and under harsh conditions. Satellite connectivity overcomes these barriers. Traditional parabolic satellite antennas, although widely used, can fail due to the moving parts and may limit the weapon station as they are not low profile enough to allow full coverage around the vehicles or vessels.

Kymeta flat-panel satellite antenna technology is lightweight and slim, consumes very little power, is efficient and very reliable, with no mechanical components. Its easy commissioning and provisioning ensure rapid set-up and installation. The antenna may be used on vehicles and vessels to provide the high throughput connectivity that enables the complex government and defence applications of today.

“We are delighted to announce that MBS has become an official partner and distributor of highly innovative flat-panel antenna technology from Kymeta,” says Sven Sünberg, Managing Director of MBS. “It is this kind of cutting-edge technology that MBS is dedicated to bringing to our customers, further enhancing our exceptional security, reliability, and agility in this constantly evolving market.”

“Since Kymeta became the first commercially-available, flat-panel, electronically-steered satellite antenna provider, we have seen extensive interest from government, military, and public safety organizations around the world,” said David Harrower, SVP Global Sales, Kymeta. “Our customers in the government and defence markets have already found that Kymeta satellite antennas deliver fast tracking, even in some of the most unforgiving environments, making it perfect for the unique requirements of these markets. Adding MBS to our global distribution partner community will further support our efforts to bring broadband global, mobile connectivity where it has never been before,” continued Harrower.

MBS is already in discussions with several EU defence and public security organisations about the provision of services featuring the Kymeta antenna. MBS provides global Ku-band coverage across various platforms such as Newtec Dialog, ND SatCom 5G, and iDirect, and offers applications such as connectivity for theatres of operation; interconnection and interoperability of institutional or defence sites/network entities; command and control (C2); Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); border control and special operations (SOF). For special missions, MBS will offer the Kymeta antenna as a camouflaged installation.

“We acknowledge the unique challenges our government and defence customers face and we look forward to providing them with an antenna and service that can meet these demands,” continues Sünberg. “Kymeta offers a highly reliable solution that will transform mobile connectivity as we know it and will provide our customers with the mission assurance they are looking for,” he concludes.

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